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Latest Videos: GMFC now has a YouTube Channel!


Older Videos

A Quite Night In   Last seasons indoor flying, a Skunkworks production 
Depron man  The Movie   GMFC members plus a few others antics captured for the entire world to relish our incompetence. Part two “How much we have improved” soon to be released. Please post comment along lines of how great the editing is. It will help to persuade "the heir to the overdraft" that part 2 will give him even greater acclaim
Videos by Phil "the fridge"  A selection of clips taken by Phil posted on U-tube.
Take27 Our Chairman's attempt at a carrier landing, with a Vapour
BBQ/video/bbq.wmv There is a short video of the BBQ  taken from  a Highlight glider

Having seemed to got pictures “hacked” at last, thought it time to sort out videos. Well video links at least, as it seems videos can’t be done directly on to site if they can I’ve yet to work it out. But there are plenty of other video hosting sites out there.

Good old You Tube is a good source however these are limited by size (mega bite thingies) also as most will have discovered that 99% are crap. So having spent some considerable time viewing a lot of dubious videos I have for you a few links to the odd gems that I have found.

The video links I have chosen are generally modelling related, e.g. nice models, interesting innovative and unusual models, some brilliant flying (usually aerobatics). Plus some full size stuff and a few of absolute nutters.

I have also included a link to Phil the fridges videos plus links to anything that features GMFC events or club members.

I hope you enjoy, if you have any clip or have seen a clip you think deserves inclusion let me have the details.

Most of the You Tube links will take you to similar videos I think I have included the best example.

A few links covering full size aviation.

Sukoi SU-30 This is "shocky" type flying by a full size jet fighter. One of the most amazing clips I have ever seen. Note the angle of attack indicated by the smoke generators.


Extreme flying!!!!

Swingsuite mountain swoop This video only has a very tenuous link to model flying but just has to rate as one of the maddest "flying" videos of all time. 

Wing suited jetman  Another nutter but a bit more obvious link to modelling this time.

 Jetman with wing Yet another nutter with lots of money, should get proper job!


Locally shot clips. Gloucester MFC or South Cotswold Soaring Association members flying outside, indoors and on local slopes. 



A few videos of general interest, all types of models flying with a few old films thrown in.

Tricopter v1.0 @ Model-Rama  Good range of unusual models including footage of tricopter.
1936 Model Aircraft National Championship Old black and white clip from a past era. Check out "Bomberguys" other clips there are some real gems covering all aspects of aviation and model flying.
Model airplane/s Boeing B29 & X1  Very impressive models superb flying of a big model even if not very scale like, camera work a bit shaky but well worth a look.

These links are all models doing aerobatics indoors and outside, they are really worth a look. All have been put together with a bit of thought, all five star stuff.


First 3D College  Absolutely superb indoor freestyle aerobatic display. 5 stars.
xtreme rc aerobatics  Stick with it through the prop hanging and smoke, this is an absolutely awesome video, great sound track, some superb camera work and great flying, just a pity about lack of editing at start. 5 star stuff.
Amazing R/C airplane demo  With over 1.5 million viewings many must seen this but it has to be one of the best pieces of flying to music ever seen. Superb 5 stars.
rc airplane  Brilliant flying well filmed and edited. Sound track not to my taste but does work well, very good video, 5 stars.
RC Helicopter demo  Awesome flying, just trying to keep up with the model! I can’t even think about flying like this. And this is an electric helicopter!! 5 star stuff.
Indoor model airplane Carvin 2005  Superb indoor aerobatic display, brilliant flying set to music. 5 star.

The following clip’s are all off VTOL tilt rotor models however none of them achieve transitional flight e.g. going from using rotors for lift to forward flight with the rotors only providing thrust and then back to the hover.


V-22 rc model Profile electric model in hovering flight.
Tilt Rotor VTOL BA609 RC Scale Model Twin engined IC model in hovering flight.
Tilt Rotor VTOL BA609 RC Scale Model  Forward flight with small tilt on rotors.
BA-609 Flight Demonstration The real thing.

More VTOL models without tilting rotors. Most of them seem capable of transitional flight but do not appear to use vectored thrust to achieve this


amazing stability Co-axial helicopter exhibiting amazing stability even if orientation could be a tad tricky.
TriCopter VPP Electric tri-rotor platform using variable pitch props hovers either way up.
VTOL Model(F-35B Type) Semi scale model achieving hovering flight.
VTOL jet 1  Model using gas turbine for vertical thrust appears to have electric motors for stabilisation and control.
VTOL jet 2  Same model again very impressive.
VTOL!!!  A totally "outside the box" VTOL craft very impressive.


This model uses vectored thrust. It seems to achieve remarkable performance in the second clip it achieves transition into wing borne flight. However the footage ends with fast forward flight! Can’t find any footage of transition back into the hover or landing?


rc edf vtol 1  hovering flight indoors.
rc edf vtol 2  Flying outside, transition to forward flight. What happened next????
Taileron 900 full flight More complete video of this model and better quality, includes "landing" but no transition back into the hover. Phil's gliding video, taken at Frocester


More links to come.