The safe operation of model aircraft.


On these pages you will find items that cover the safe operation of all types of model aircraft. Some will report incidents that have happened actually on the field, others will be reports on incidents from other organizations. It will also cover items of good safe practice that are not covered elsewhere. These items do not cover BMFA or any club rules these will eventually appear elsewhere.  

There will be no attempt to apportion blame or even name any individual unless they name themselves within any thing they submit.

Please take the time to read even items that do not apply to the sort of model you fly. We pride ourselves on being an open club with all types of models welcome. To achieve this it is important to have an understanding why others may be taking the actions they are. For example in the item "Starting helicopters" it is explained why most helicopter pilots prefer to start and carry their own models.

Chris Bishop  

Chairman GMFC  

January 2007  

Indoor Flying Brief

 UK Frequencies & Pegboard system

Safe starting of an IC helicopter






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