Mike Frith

Honorary Secretary
I grew up next to Dunstable Downs, where my first interest in aviation came from watching gliders from my bedroom window, soaring the ridge above London Gliding Club.

In my early teens, a friend offered to take me to Ivinghoe Beacon one Saturday to see the RC gliders. I was hooked from that first day. I joined the club, saved up my money, bought a Cambria Slingsby Eagle (which I still have!) with 2 channel Acoms gear, built it and learnt to fly. Ivinghoe was a great club and I still know some of the guys after 30 years. I fly there a few times a year when I'm across that side of the country.
Five years or so later I moved away to study Mechanical Engineering at Salford University. I left the models behind, because I got the chance to learn to fly full-size aircraft with the University Air Squadron (Scottish Aviation Bulldogs). Now I was hooked on full-size flying! After Uni I spent 3 years in the USA getting my commercial pilots licence, a bunch of ratings and extra hours, as well as mechanics licences ... all to join an outfit that fly in remote parts of the world, called 'Mission Aviation Fellowship'. After training I flew 5 years in Madagascar and Uganda with MAF (Cessna 210, 206, 208 Caravan, Partenavia P68C, P68TP).

I returned to the UK in 1999 and have spent the last 13 years running a support service for Christian charity workers overseas. Just over five years ago, my dad was clearing out his loft and said to me 'I've got all your old gliders. Do you want them or shall I throw them away?'. I decided to get them all flying again. One thing led to another and before long I was learning to fly electric models, so I joined GMFC. Now I have a collection of all sorts of models from semi-scale to aerobatics, gliders and ducted fan models ... even heli's.




Gloucester Model Flying Club