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To join/rejoin the Gloucester Model Flying club just print off the membership form below. Complete and send with cheque to address on the form or pass to a member of committee. Online payment is also possible. Ask the Membership Secretary for details.

To join the GMFC you have to be a member of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). This the terms of our affiliation to the BMFA and is part of our club constitution

There are three ways to join the BMFA:  

  1.   Through the GMFC, just add the appropriate fees to the total box on the membership form and we will do rest.

  2.   You can join direct with the BMFA through their office in Leicester.

  3.    If you already have BMFA membership with another club.   

If you chose route 2 or 3 we will need your BMFA number on the membership form. If joining through the club for the first time then just leave blank.

If you have been a past member or are renewing membership of the GMFC then please add your club number if known.   

If joining after 1st April then the £10.00 initial joining fee is due for each member.  

If joining after 1st September then the club fees are reduced by 50% but the joining fee is still £10.00. Please check for any reductions offered by BMFA.  

Please also take a few minutes look at getting started (if you havenít already) as this details what you need to do before flying at any of the GMFC sites.

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