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26th Sunday

Esoaring at Hawling near Cheltenham
I was the only one from the GMFC to attend this comp, weather was great in the afternoon
A report by Cliff the MC

BMFA League competition at Hawling, near Cheltenham (nearest postcode GL54 5TA)
held on Sunday 26th April 2015

By kind permission of John & Sue Davis

Well what a day it turned out to be after all the initial doubts.

Yes, it was overcast with a chilly breeze to start the day, but as the morning progressed the wind reduced and by lunchtime we were under a sunny blue sky.

There were thermals being used from the very first slot, these developed during the day to be plentiful and very powerful at times!

The morning session was a closely fought affair, at the lunchbreak John Richards and Mike Raybone were tying in joint first place and I was third with the 2 metre Sprite.

BUT how the order changed in the three rounds during the afternoon!

John flew steadfastly to a well deserved win in the Open Class with a perfect 6000. Mike dropped to seventh allowing Phil Hayward into the runner up spot. Ian Purcell was third with his Ava.

In the 2 Metre class Roger Keatley took the Premier prize, finishing a creditable eighth overall. I was second and Mike Little third.
Normal 2 metre top runner Gordon Brown was not on his usual form, to everyones surprise...

Commiserations go to Bruce Baker, who had been having a good comp until the very last slot of the day. He stayed in strong lift to a great height. Unfortunately during his efforts to get it down to a reasonable height, lost sight of it. When he eventually sighted the model again it was diving vertically at a great rate of knots
(AND you know what's coming next)
Yep! Pulled in too much up, too quickly, causing the fuselage and the wing to part company with the terminal consequence.
Now we all know you shouldn't do that - but we all have - and may have got away with it. Sadly Bruce didn't on this occasion.

Regards to all, 'til next time!
These are a couple of stills from the short video I did after the comp
Video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lylmbq8jzk  

There are more photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/phil-ebley/sets/72157651789597768/
Wednesday 8th
Lloyd's Bi-plane
Non dangerous Dave's Extra
David's Sea Hawk










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