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Sunday 28th

I went to East Worldham near Bassingstoke for an esoaring event, it was great day but a bit too much driving me


Me 2nd prize

Chris Foss - southern area champion

I hope you can see from the photos that everyone left with smile on their face after a great day's flying !
This was the first event for a long time where the wind was almost non-existent - to the extent that we had to change the launch direction by 180 deg on 3 occasions during the day and instruct contestants on which way to launch and land.
In such conditions, thermal activity can often be pinpointed with changes of wind direction, but this didn't seem to be the case during this event, with lift being hard to find at times, often patchy and off in many different directions. However, many slots were flown out, although there were still a couple of slots where everyone hit heavy sink and 4 minutes was a good score  


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The day started as the mist was clearing around the flying site. The mist had in fact claimed a victim during a test flight before the event started, when Andrew Holmes lost sight of his model. We knew the general direction so the girls went off searching whilst Andrew prepared a spare model for the day. The "lost" model was in fact quickly retrieved by our accomplished female search party having suffered only minor damage.

Colin Lucas provided most entertainment during the day, by "landing" his 2M model in the top of the tallest of all the poplar trees that have always been a feature of the flying site. The cherry picker stopped play for a while as it reached as high as it could into the upper reaches of the tree and with the help of a long glass pole the model was eventually dislodged to fly again in the next round.

This was the last of four BMFA eSoaring events this year at East Worldham, all of which have for once been blessed with good weather. Next year will see the events run on the same weekends as this year and we are sure that they will be as well attended.
Thank to all who joined in the fun with such good humour and to all our "WAGs" for their support and help with scoring etc.

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There are a set of photos at 
Thursday 18th

Kevin's Addiction

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Wednesday 17th

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Malcolm's Extra

George's Super 60

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Tony's Wot4

Our chairman's Boomrtang

Wednesday 10th

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Phil's Supra flight logged with a RCelectronics logger.
Conditions were so good it should have over an hour
Tuesday 9th
Tony's Hlg flight Tuesday lunch time.
A very good time for an HLG
34 mins

tony34mins.jpg (42380 bytes)


On Sunday 6th I went to an Electric glider Comp near Cheltenham


Hawling Esoaring a report by Cliff

Thanks for your kind comments Mick. (Oh, and Bruce) and to Phil for posting the results and photos.

Well, what a day. Probably the best flying weather we have had for a competition day this year.
With light air predominantly from the NW, occasionally shifting as the thermals came through we were graced with a good days flying.

It was a pleasure to welcome Dave East to his first eSoaring comp. 
Dave (is) has been an F3J flyer for many years and his vast experience was proven as he accrued an almost perfect score of 5995.2 to take first place and the Premier Award. (ie first choice of the bottles of wine available)
I trust Dave went home a little less exhausted than he would have been after a days winching.

Congratulations to Ian Purcell who flew his Ava into second place, closely followed by Phil 'The Fridge' Hayward who was only two points behind Ian in third place

Paul Newell had a good day to win the 2 metre class. As did Andrew Holmes (2nd) and Brett Wilson (3rd).
It is interesting to note that the first two places in the 2M class were taken by own designed and built models. (one balsa, the other foam)

Numbers were slightly down for Hawling with a few of the regulars missing and a couple of last minute withdrawals. Which was a shame, as the attendees, some of whom travelled from as far as York, Cheshire, Brighton and the Isle of Wight, enjoyed the best of conditions for the competition. However it was unanimously agreed that the highlight of the day was to see the attendance and enjoy the company of, Mick Barnett who was amongst us again, for some fresh air and respite following his recent problems. We wish Mick well for his continued recovery.

The next Midland comp will be held at Pillerton on Sunday 5th October.

Regards to all,



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