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Sunday 5th

I went to an esoaring event at Pillerton Hersey near stow on the Wold


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Dave East 1st with his Shadow

 Me 3rd, haven't a won a BMFA comp  all year

Report by Cliff

I think we were all surprised by the conditions that we were able to fly in today, particularly considering the dire forecasts facing us earlier in the week!

Fortunately the sun shone, and the wind didn’t get above 6 mph all day with the direction only swinging occasionally as the thermals passed through.
Lift was available to be worked, enabling most slots to be flown out by at least one competitor. 
Conversely, a six minute flight was considered acceptable in some slots if large areas of passing sink were not avoided.

The master of these conditions was Dave East who flew his Shadow into first place.
Followed by Ian Purcell (Ava) second, then Phil ‘The Fridge’ Hayward (Maxa) in third.

The Premier prize in the 2 metre class was very creditably taken by Gordon Brown, who finished in fourth spot overall, only 60 points behind the top three open class models.
Second in 2 metre was Mick Barnett, with Brett Wilson in third.

(This despite my cognitive aberration when I misread the result sheet at the presentation - announcing Guy was placed 3rd! 
My profuse apologies were expressed to both parties, thankfully they were accepted with gentlemanly good humour by those concerned - much to my relief!!)
year (Hawling & Pillerton). Our landowner hosts have expressed their willingness to accommodate us again 
This was the last of four competitions in the Midland Region this next season so we look forward to that. 
Thank you for your support at the comps this year, hopefully we can continue again in 2015.

In closing I would like to thank the girls, Teresa and Marlene, for taking the scores and producing the results so efficiently throughout 2014.

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Big Andy times for cliFF our MC for the day

Ian and Bruce

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Dave landing

Martin's Ray X

Results and photos at http://www.glos-mfc.co.uk/phil/pill14/1.htm 




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