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29th Saturday

Dave's Su26 and Tony's Wot4

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26th November
As some of you might have noticed, I've been finding it tricky to launch my Caiprinha wing. Launching it myself has about a 50% success rate. If I get someone else to chuck it for me (thanks Paul and Jonathan!), I get away fine, although it has often been a bit sketchy. I spotted a technique I hadn't tried before on a Youtube video that someone made look very easy. Left hand on the leading edge and then a backhand frisby style chuck. 
Forecast looked good for sneaking out of the office at lunchtime today for a quick fly. I was a bit nervous given my previous success rate, but the new technique combined with a bit more throttle than I have been using previously resulted in 3 very successful getaways. Let's hope it's not beginners luck and I've now got it sorted.
Still from the GoPro shows plenty of opportunity for a soggy landing on the autograss track, but the strip looking commendably puddle free!


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