March 2014 Blog

Sunday 30th

The new layout of the field seems to work well. Good to have the safety net of the armco and fence for all those landing towards the pits!! Spent the afternoon conducting 10 training flights with new enquirers/members/flyers: John, Lloyd, Ted, Rich and Dave. I hope we've convinced you to join if you haven't already. Looking forward to seeing you guys more often and getting you flying solo before too long. Keep an eye on the front page for when there's an instructor planned down at the field.


Below pictures for Sunday 30th. "Phil de fridge" & Chris B. photos.

Saturday 29th

The last indoor session of the 2013/14 season. This was our 8th year and has been the most successful to date.

Support and interest in the indoor flying has never been greater no doubt helped by the somewhat wet and windy winter we have just experienced. Many have commented that if not for the Saturday sessions they would not have been able to fly at all this past winter.

The new four slot rotation has allowed for similar type/mass models to fly safely together. Although mid airs still occur damage is usually minimal. It's great to report there were no major incidents his season.

On the fixed wing side there were no great innovations in the models but a steady improvement in quality and performance. The one model that stood out for me was the Ares Tiger Moth, at just 14 grams this is a micro model that flies at scale speed and just looks right in the air. At Just 45.00 ready to fly including transmitter this is a great first indoor model.

On the rotary side numbers seem evenly split between quads and conventional helicopters with both types seeing a huge diversity in sizes. Nano quads that you can fly from your hand to the larger camera carrying models that frequently filmed the action. With the large number of "120/130" conventional helicopters now available only the occasional 450 size model was to be seen skidding around the floor.

Many thanks for all you support, particular thanks to those who have run the events, Tracy for collecting the money, Mike, Tim, Dave and others who helped keep the evening running.

See you all again in the Autumn.

Chris B.

Below a montage of pictures from last Saturday night courtesy of "Phil the fridge".


Sunday 16th
I traveled to Pillerton Hersey near Stow on the Wold for an Esoaring comp

A report by cliff Hannman

What a start to the new season!
Who would have imagined that we would have had such wonderful weather in March.
The much forecasted winds did not materialise and we were treated to the lightest of breezes that were just sufficient to kick off the thermals. (for the non believers, have a look at Phil's photo of the 'windsock'). 
On the downside I came home with sunburn!

It was great to see so many new faces joining us. Mainly from the 'world of hand launch', they sportingly joined in, with perhaps not the most suitable of models. It was noticeable that when down to the sort of height where most of us would be setting up a landing they continued to work the low level lift. A lesson to us all and a warning for the future methinks...

Congratulations to Bruce Baker who flew well all day, despite losing his first choice model early on in the day, he kept his nerve and went on to take first place of the open class and the competition overall.

Also congratulations go to Gordon Brown, flying steadily and consistently as ever, for taking the premier 2M prize.

Our long distance traveller, Bernie Jones (Mr eSoaring Gadgets) was the worthy winner - by a long way - 'of the all up last down' competition which we held for a bit of fun at the end of the day

Thanks to all for the help on the day enabling things to run smoothly. I would also like to thank everyone for taking part in a most sporting and friendly competition, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Hawling is our next comp (locally) on the 13th April - hope to see you there!

Regards and best wishes to all,

Cliff Hannam CD

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More photos at 


Sunday 8th
The model below is called FOXJET. It used to be produced by Galaxy Models. The kits are now being poduced by MYHOBBYSTORE.

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paul3.jpg (39913 bytes)

pau4l.jpg (54734 bytes)

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tony4.jpg (67415 bytes)

tony-launch.jpg (202082 bytes)

Above Tony's hand launched glider

jon2.jpg (128710 bytes)

jon3.jpg (104616 bytes)

Jon's Bi-plane

Wednesday 5th
A dull day with a light breeze

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_dsc9058.jpg (48384 bytes)

Mark's Acromaster, not pretty but capable of good aerobatics 

Saturday 1st

A rare sunny, dry, calm, warm(ish) day that drew quite a few members out of hibernation. There were around 20 who visited the field during the day, some for the first time this year and some for the first time ever! The sheep have left and the ground is finally drying out a bit.

Jonathan and Paul G were helping out the new chaps with setting up, test flying and instruction. There were some cracking thermals around (I'm not talking pants ... though I'm sure there were some there too). At one point there were 3 gliders in the air soaring high with the buzzards, and Phil wasn't even there to see it! (though he was flying at Frocester, I gather). However, the endurance record didn't go to a glider, but to the new chaps' trainer which both Paul & Jonathan attempted to land without success as the throttle would neither idle nor cut-off. Jonathan ended up flying it until the fuel ran out (hoping it would be before sunset!). In spite of the crowd gathering in anticipation of the hint of a splutter, along with the public pressure that this brings, Jonathan performed a perfect deadstick landing when the engine finally cut.

Later on, Dangerous Dave showed up with his stunning gas turboprop 'Raven'. We all stood around and watched as it started up (just like the full-size) and breathed in the jet fumes. As you can see below, Dave's got his own fire extinguisher ... so maybe we should rename him 'not-so-Dangerous Dave'! Here is a selection of photos from the day and a video of Dave's start up and take-off (sorry, phone battery ran out at that point!).

Mike F.

A full car park!

Electric fence to keep short people (and sheep) away from our stuff

Mike F's Great Planes Cessna 182 EP

Mark's Ripmax Spit

Dave R's scratch-built Bird of Time

Jonathan's Magnatilla

Not-so-Dangerous Dave's Raven

Raven Start-up and Take-off


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