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Tuesday 22nd
Another nice day with a calm evening and a sunset

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Our chairman's twin ducted fan model, this fell out the sky into the corn,; maybe the work of the Stonehouse separatists? 

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Malcolm's big electric Accord

Ken's biplane

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Ken's F35

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My Glider against the setting sun, photos by Marley

Monday 21st

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A warm calm evening and a nice sunset

Sunday 20th
Tea and cakes afternoon

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Wednesday 16th

I have linked the photos to the club Flickr page, this will allow you see the images in higher resolution and download them

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Don's Fun Jet

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Malcolm's Taft Viper Jet. In the air it looks and sounds like a proper jet only the absence of hot gazes gives away the fact it is electric ducted fan. Check out; http://www.sussex-model-centre.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=45201. This model may seem expensive but it is jet flying at a fraction of the cost.

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John's Artizan

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Tony's Wot4

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Kevin's electric model
Tuesday 8th

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Sunday 6th
Sunshine showers and a lot of eating

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Kev's 3d model

Andy's wing

Monday 7th
A very calm evening Gerald and Lionel got in lots of flights
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Phil's Easyglider Gerald's
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Our Chairman's Blade

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Lionel's Glider, a great little trainer

Sunday 6th
Sunshine showers and a lot of eating

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Kev's 3d model

Andy's wing



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