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Wednesday 16th

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A video and photos of the field

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Monday 14th

The weekend of the 13th/14th saw some glorious weather and the members of the club turned out to get the new strips ready. The three strips have rolled out well and now just need to green up a bit, we'll let nature do that bit.

Three runways the longest 120 meters and 60 & 50 meters for the others covering all wind directions.

Brian W. tried them for size with his D H Hummingbird style model.

In his opinion they are just great, even though we are once again inside the Auto grass track it does not feel claustrophobic, with plenty of space to fly freely.

 Take a short flight around our new flying field.
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Sunday 13th
I went to am esoaring electric glider comp at Hawling near Cheltenham
A great day 


A report by Cliff

We certainly had a good day again (thank you for your kind comments above) despite being rather more breezy than forecast.
Needless to say that by the time we had packed everything away it was flat calm with the wind indicator hanging vertically!

Although many competitors were caught out by landing short, the standard of piloting prevented any nasty 'whoopsies'.
Moving further down the field, away from the row of trees near the gate, proved worthwhile as we did not experience the rotor turbulence that we had last time the wind was in that direction.

It was good to see Maria, Mike and Roger again (it appears Pillerton didn't put them off)) and to welcome David Farey for the first time.

Congratulations to the class winners, Colin Lucas in the open and Adrian Nelmes who took the 2 metre.

Commiserations to Mike Little who badly damaged his model during the first flight and was unable to take part for the rest of the day.

Thanks to Phil for his photos and to John (the farmer) for presenting the prizes - and to everyone else for their support.

Unfortunately we were slightly down on numbers for this venue, due to some of our regulars being unavailable. 
Hopefully Geoff Dailey is feeling better, that John Richards makes a speedy recovery from his eye operation and is soon back among us. Also that Bobs wife, Madeline, continues to recover her mobility so that he can join us again. 
Not forgetting Brett, who is soon to become one of us after his move to Bristol - instead of being one of them there Northerners ;-) ......

Thanks again to all competitors and our visitors for their attendance.

Regards, Cliff

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More photos at http://www.glos-mfc.co.uk/phil/hawling1april/1.htm 


Wednesday 2nd

Mark trying out his Quad and My Electra



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