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Sunday 29th

A few Photos

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Sunday 22nd Autumn BBQ.

What a great day. OK the sun forecast for the afternoon never materialised, but the day was warm, dry and the light south westerly straight down the strip made for a great days flying and what a lot of flying there was.

Turnout was fantastic, I ticked off the list 45 members (that's 50% of the membership) plus friends, families and other visitors. Surprisingly there were several usual regulars absent some attending events elsewhere. Several prospective new members came for a look see two of which joined and others took away membership forms.

Tracy provided a continuous supply of bacon sausage and burgers all day, many thanks Tracy for all hard work you have put in doing the year. Do we have another wives/partners of members who would like to help Tracy at future events?

Jonathan counted over 70 models in the pits and for most of the day there were half a dozen models flying. As always with the GMFC there was a vast array of models WW1 types, a variety of war birds, RAF trainers, aerobatic types large and small, gliders, helicopters, quad copters, foamy's, 3D models all flew together without incident. Only my jet seemed to have a slot to it's self, several models landed as the turbine spooled many thanks for letting me have the airspace to myself.

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It belong to Jonathon, but don't say it 

I have to say that I saw no serious incidents beyond the odd dislodged undercarriage or strut and a Sea Fury with a C of G issue. The discipline of the fliers was exemplary with safe landings on the strip being the norm.

Many thanks to all who came it was one of best BBQ's for a few years and a great end to the Summer 2013.

Sadly I have few pictures. Phil was competing at East Worldham,  beaten by Chris Foss

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More photos at 


To start off, a few pics from Hugh's Quad. I asked Hugh for some details on his quad and camera set up which he has supplied and I will start a separate "Quads" page. The pictures below were taken using his Phamtom and QX 350.

(Above) Malcolm's Yak over flying the strip. Fantastic shot. (Above) The pit area Mid morning. Chairman & Secretary caught having a quiet chat.
(Above) Mid afternoon, car park overflowing, models every where on the ground and in the air, BBQ smoking. members chatting, only the sun missed out.
Thursday 12th

Hugh back from is fishing holiday took time off to try his new quad copter.

A couple of airborne shots of the strip looking south west towards the M5. 

Sunday 8th

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Jim's Cularis 

1st September

Me and Tony went to Hawling, Cheltenham for an Esoaring Comp, we both got in the prizes

A report from Cliff

The competition was flown under warm, sunny skies.
Although the windspeed was a little higher than forecast, conditions were pleasant and quite manageable.
However the varying windspeed and some turbulence from the upwind hedge did catch out the majority of participants to some degree or other during the day. All landing short of the mark..
Everybody landed short on more than one occasion until becoming more familiar with the landing approach technique.
Personally I think the landing tapes that were kindly donated for our comps by Bob Cockerill, were made far too short!! Laughing
As the day progressed and the air became more active most slots were being flown out by at least a couple of pilots, but if the centre of the area of lift was missed the sink proved quite vicious. Also there were a couple of slots flown, where the lift proved elusive and winning times of around six minutes were gratefully received!

Thanks to everyone for attending and supporting the event - this includes the numerous visiting spectators that called by and stayed for the duration. Hopefully they will return as competitors in the future.

Congratulations to the winners and runners up et al. It was good to welcome Tony Hickson, taking part in his first competition.
Tony flew very well with his Radian, finishing in second place in the 2M class. (A threat to the old lags in the future methinks!)

The competition was flown in a relaxed, good humoured spirit, which I appreciated - and trust enjoyed by all.

Thanks to John (never without a smile) Davis our landowner and host for presenting the prizes.

Our next competition in the Midland region will be at Pillerton Hersey on October 13th (weather permitting!)

See you there,


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Gloucester Model Flying Club