Spring Bank Holiday Weekend 25th - 27th.

This was as they say of football a weekend of two halves.

Fine and dry with a lot of sunshine, Saturday and the first half of Sunday was superb with just a light and sometimes variable northerly breeze. Sunday afternoon the wind picked up and while straight down the strip the flying conditions were not great. Monday was windy with no reports of any flying.

The surrounding field has now been cut and cleared giving a huge landing area just great for flying a jet off?

I took some aerial video of the new set up on Sunday afternoon and it is very difficult to distinguish the runway from the rest of the field.

A couple of members attended Radioglide over the weekend.

Tony H. Flew in the F3K event (Hand launch glider) and picked up a prize (Picture right).

.On Sunday I did the F3K at Radioglide on the Sunday. Beautiful sunny day, with a good amount of lift and sink to make for a great competition. Having broken the wing on my XXLite at the previous comp 2 weeks before I re-maidened it on the morning of the comp and managed, with a bit of luck on my side, to finish 4th.

Photos attached. These, plus some more at:




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Phil deF. flew the F5J class for electric launch gliders on the Saturday. His performance in his own words, "I was rubbish".

Pictures below and more at;

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Back at the GMFC field.


The Royal Navy Historic Flight.

Fairy Swordfish Mk II LS326.

We were treated to a fly past by this historic aircraft as it followed the M5 on route to it's base at RNAS Yeovilton.

 This example as been flying continuously since it was rebuilt on the orders of Sir John Fairey in October 1955.

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Models being test flown without cowlings.


Carl's Curtis P40 Warhawk cowl is off while the engine is adjusted

Lazar four stroke provides the power and realistic sound. Twist and turn retracts clean the airframe up. Bit tricky to get of the ground as prone to noseing over.


The Chairman's 1/5 th Scale Piper J3 (Cub).

Purchased of eBay as a bare airframe many years ago finally got air under the wings.

An old but reliable Enya 90 four stroke provides adequate power.

No noseing over with this model.

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Chris's new Extra 260 flew great.

Seen landing dead stick.


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Easy Start a great first model

Eflight Spit

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Stan's Electic Texan a regular model in this blog still flying well.

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Richard launches and for his grand daughter Dani. The pits area very busy on Sunday morning.

The new area looking from the east.

Weekend 18th - 19th May.

What a great weekend. Great sunshine light winds and not a drop of rain both days.

Saturday afternoon saw a very dramatic mid air between the Chairman's old and much abused Blade XL and Dave's new Hangar 9 Jackal 50. The models, the only two in the air at the time impacted perfectly head on. The Hacker A30 (brushless outrunner) on the Blade XL impacted between the exhaust and cylinder head of the Evolution .60 NX of the Jackal. Debris extended over a large area of the old strip. The Blade XL was completely destroyed the Jackal lost it's motor but the rest of the airframe now with a very reward C of G entered a flat spin and landed with very little further damage.

A large party of members carried out a search and found most parts except the Evolution .60. This was found later in the evening by Ken M. who using his experiences of engines departing from test stands calculated it's trajectory post impact and walked straight to it. About 150 meters away.

Sunday saw a very good turn out with a several members putting in an appearance during the day. The wind was for the best part of the day across the new strip but all seemed to take the crosswind in their stride.

(Above) Mike F's  Parkzone Spitfire.

(Below) The Chairman's Sebart Python Pitts.

(Above) Ken's big Buccaneer with home made V twin. Now running perfectly after fixing a pin hole in one cylinder head.

(Below left) Phil launches his DLG. (Below right) Jonathans Edwardian looking Magnatila.
(Above) Kevin's Gee Bee-R3 from HobbyKing. Superb flyer superb value circa. 80.00 ready to fly all you have to add is a receiver and a 4S Lipo (3000 maHr).

(Below) Kev again with his Phase 3 Squall EDF, this model has been available for some time but has now been upgraded to 4S, there are many other improvements including a vectored thrust system. Has a wide speed range nice to see Kevin using the throttle doing flight to give an impressive performance.


Mayday Bank Holiday Weekend.

Thursday 2nd - Tuesday 7th.

Six flyable days in a row coinciding with a Bank Holiday weekend. After the cold a March it was a very welcome change. The first four days were spoilt by the breeze, but Monday and Tuesday were perfect. A lot of very bright sunshine caused a lot of red faces by Monday evening.

Thursday 2nd saw the arrival of a vibro-roller and the new strip got the first of several poundings over the weekend. By Thursday evening the worst of the lumps and bumps were flattened, the tables were relocated and the new striped declared usable. Although a bit dusty it is pretty smooth as Gavin proved on Monday night when his ducted fan Sea Vixen sped effortlessly into the air.

We did try irrigating the strip which worked well but the low pressure meant that only a small circle could be covered and this quickly saturated the ground, which became to soft for the roller.

Marley donated his new garden fence to make new table tops, these were fitted, the legs strengthened and braced. Then several coats of garden paint should see the tables good for a few more years.

Monday saw the best flying day with the usual wide mix of model types, can't recall any major crashes only the odd lost wheel, propeller or bent motor spoiling some bodies day.

Fixed wing flying pictures by Phil, scenic shots and rotary wing by CB.

(Above & left) Panoramic views of the new pi and parking area. The tent are for workers camping over night so as to make a early start!

(Left) The surface of the new strip, a bit thread bare but pretty sooth. The forecast rain should help the grass recover.

(Below left) The new strip looking south west towards the motorway.

(Below right) Looking north east towards Haresfield church.

(Above) Two War birds approach to land. P40 and P51.

(Below) Excellent shots of George's P51 Mustang.

(Above & Below) Jonathan's Flair Puppeteer. These are such great shot's that I just had to use all four.

Jonathan will be learning to fly left to right before he attempts his "B" test.

(Above) Ken's diminutive P51 Mustang control liner powered by tiny .5cc DC Dart diesel. The 25ft thread lines proved rather stretchy and made for interesting handling. (Above) Stan's big gasser.
(Above) Cookies elderly Junior 60 climbs away at a stately pace.

(Below) George with his electric glider.

(Above left) New member Hugh's Glassair Trainer


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