March Blog

Saturday 30th 

The last indoor session until the autumn 

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Steve's Heli

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Itís been a good (and seemingly long) winter season of flying on Saturday evenings at Bentham Country Club. We had some weeks with low attendance and some that were much busier. I think the economics, with the slight price rise, worked out in the end. As itís open to any flyers with BMFA insurance, I think itís a great opportunity for members of different clubs to meet each other. The evenings were mostly incident free, except for the meeting of one attendee and his Blade 400. Glad to see Richardís thumb is on the mend! 

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A big thank you should go to Paul Gurr, who managed the desk for most (if not all) of the evenings, taking the money, calling out the slot changes, even phoning an ambulance when needed! Thanks Paul.
We hope that everyone has an enjoyable summer (when it arrives!) of flying outdoors and we look forward to seeing you all at Bentham in the Autumn. Feel free to feed back any suggestions you have for the new indoor season and GMFC will discuss them at our next committee meeting.
Mike Frith
23rd March

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16th March 

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Sony camera and viewing screen on Andy's Quadcopter

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9th March

A good turnout on Saturday at Bentham  30 fliers with a good mix of quads, helis, fixed wing and mini planes


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An Osprey with the wings tilting instead of just the engines


Gloucester Model Flying Club