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Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th (Midsummer BBQ give or take a week).

Postponed a week due to the usual problems of a British summer, lack of good weather. The weather was certainly better, it didn't rain and was not quite as windy at least on the Saturday than the previous weekend. Both days were partly cloudy with sunny periods and when the sun did come through it was strong many members yet again getting a  bit of sun burn.

Flying wise Saturday was the best of the days with lighter winds dropping to nothing later in the evening. Several members and guests flying a variety of models during the day.

Sunday was breezy and turbulent at times. A very good turn out with many larger models flying throughout the day, sadly not a day for lighter models or beginners. Nice to see a few new faces guests and members, all had high praises for the new layout and the work put in.

Tracy and Paul kept up a ample supply of food all day many thanks to them for splendid effort. The new hob in the kitchen with it's four hobs kept up with the demand for tea and coffee.


A couple of scenic shots of a sunset over the field Saturday evening. Plus something not seen for a few weeks a limp windsock (Look carefully far right of left hand picture).


 pic21.jpg (174072 bytes)

(Above) Ian's massive 1/3rd? scale Edge 540,  very impressive despite the wind.

(Left) "Dad when I grow up will I be as big as you?"

Ironically the "Hairy Gnome" is old enough to be grandfather to the Edge.

The wings date back to 1982 when the model first flew and a replacement fuselage was constructed doing the mid 90's. Finally finished the refurbishment a few months ago.

Now if only I could refurbish my eyesight to 1980 spec?

(Below) The Chairman's "Hairy Gnome" just ignores the wind. Excessive horse power and high wing loading has it's use's.

pic20.jpg (87448 bytes) pic24.jpg (101107 bytes)
Jim's Trex600 (left) and a scale Hughes flew well in the wind.
(Above) John P's unknown high winger with larger flat twin petrol engine. (Above & below) Malcolm's Jive not quite the model for the conditions/
pic22.jpg (162703 bytes)
(Above) John P's Durine Turbulent gets blown around just after take off.

(Right & below) Jonathan's Striker just about handled the conditions.

Saturday 29th

I went to another Electric Esoaring event held at Pilerton Hersey near Bourton on the Water
It was a great day very friendly and perfect weather and I won a bottle of wine

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 Sunday 16th 

 I went to the Esoaring southern area championship

Hosted by the Aldershot Model Club are  an OPEN & 2 Metre BMFA e-Soaring Height Limited League event at East Worldham, Hampshire 

It was very dull in the morning with light lift, the afternoon brightened up and we had some cracking lift

The afternoon finished with an all up last down, I thought I had won this as I could not see another model in the sky, but one guy was starring into space at a tiny speck too small for me to see


Chris Foss picking up second prize in the open class

There are some more photos at http://www.glos-mfc.co.uk/phil/sa13/1.htm

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Monday 10th

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Steve's Islander, its first flight

Sunday 2nd

Breezier than forecast and again across the strip. While the breeze kept it cool, the sun shone very bright some returning home with a bit of sunburn.

Not that big a turnout with a few regulars absent. Only misfortune of the day occurred when Roy removed the motor from his large petrol model. This was not Roy's fault as he was avoiding somebody retrieving their model just off the end of the strip. Roy went dead stick unexpectedly at low level but in a position to make the strip with ease but had to take avoiding action on touch down.

Please beware at all times of what is happening around you. It's all to common to see members hurrying to retrieve a model only to stand and study it before returning to the pit area.

(Above both) David looks very pleased with his Panic Bipe. Was presented to him by Stan when he passed he his "A" test. That was some nine months ago! In the intervening time dad has paid meticulous attention to putting it back in the air, can't rush these things can you Paul.

David had a great days flying pushing the Panic to the edge of the envelope (well as far as the sticks go on the box).

(Above & below) Chairman's Boomerang Sprint back in the air again. The first flight last year ended with the landing gear pushing through the "cheese" that the wing centre section was constructed from.

The centre section has been reconstructed and finished in epoxy/glass both inside and out on the top sheeting. A full set of working main undercarriage doors have been fitted, nose wheel doors still to do. An upgrading of the centre section flap to a fowler type/airbrake plus drooping the ailerons gives much improved slow flight and shorter landings.

The Boomerang made three flights the first was perfect the second and third both experienced undercarriage problems as one leg refused to retract fully. Fortunately extending the undercarriage poised no problem but performance is degraded. Despite exhaustive investigations by my ground crew and lots of ideas from the assembled "X Spurts" no solution could be found.


(Right) Kens foamy hawk still going strong after several seasons.
Saturday 1st

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Phil's Shadow

Summer? the Gurr's go brrr

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pic4.jpg (75764 bytes)


Stan's Heli

The north wind felt cold and made landing difficult

right Jim's Angel S 

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