January Blog

Saturday 28th

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Mike's bi-plane

Phil's quadcopter

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 getting nowhere

Saturday 20th

Numbers were well down due to the cold weather
Quadcopters are the latest craze, now as popular as the helis; many have gyros and accelerometers and the sophisticated include self leveling


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Hyperflite Taxi
On board stabilisation system (AS3X) allows manoeuvres to be flown that would otherwise be impossible

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Andy's quadcopter

Thursday 10th

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Pete Wolf's Mustang on Minchinhampton common


Saturday 5th

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Bob's Pogo

Tuesday 1st New years day.

A very nice day considering what we have had recently. Westerly breeze made it feel colder than it was. Sunny morning with a bit of cloud by mid afternoon, not a drop of rain all day.

Decided not to miss the opportunity to get the first flights of 2013 over. Just a bit of gentle hovering to get the year off to a good start.


Gloucester Model Flying Club