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Saturday 7th

With eight indoor sessions completed I have to say the evenings seem to just get better and better. The slight change in format seems very popular and the atmosphere very relaxed.

The two most popular slots are Mini Fixed wing and Mini Rotary. Both see numbers of around twenty + fliers but the large space just swallows them up. Mid airs in the fixed wing slot seem less and when they do happen damage is usually slight. Mini rotary seems to attract a 50/50 mix of small heli's and small quadcopters.

The large rotary slot is also popular with many of the mid size helicopters getting a second flight. The trend away from the 450 size heli's seems to continuing though a couple are still flown. Larger quadcopters also seem very popular. If either of the rotary slots do get over crowded then preference will be given to smaller or larger types depending on the slot type.

The large fixed wing slot sees the least numbers flying with only the occasional small model mixing it with the big boys.

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Young & old with mini helicopters, which looks most laid back.

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 (Above) A pair of Park Zone Vapours. A Night Vapour on left and Mini Vapour. Two of the most popular indoor models.

(Left) Park Zone T-28 Trojan.

(Below left) Bob's bitza biplane made from bits from a pair of eRC Micro Stik's.

(Below) E-flite 4-Site very popular highly aerobatic biplane.

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