August Blog

Wednesday 28th

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Jon's Mustang

Sunday 25th

Another overcast day - only 4 of us at the field with several members at the Nats 

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Malcolm's Yak 

Pilot RC Yak 55 with an EME 55 cc petrol up front. Fitted with electric starter switched off the transmitter. 
Supplied by Plumber Paul. Starter and plane are a good combination.
Thursday 22nd

A warm afternoon with no wind but a little overcast

I had a few good flights with my glider, launched by a motor to 150 metres, I struggled to get my target time of 10 minutes on 3 flights

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Kevin's Hobbyking Ptts

Sunday 18th

The forecasted rain did not arrive

Plenty of tea and coffee drunk and not so many cakes

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Jim's Windstar

Mike's Volcano

Wednesday 7th

A very pleasant afternoon with no breeze

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First person view goggles and camera  

George's Cub


Gloucester Model Flying Club