Sunday 26th


Sunday 19th.

Sixth flyable Sunday in a row. Cloudy with sunny spells the 10-12 mph north-westerly breeze made it feel cool, wind dropped of later in the day.

No major incidents, in fact don't think there were many minor ones. Even Jonathan kept his undercarriage in tact all day.

Dangerous Dave flew his large Hangar 9 Extra, very impressive must get pics before he sells it. Sorry no pictures as I seemed to spend the hole afternoon flying.

Magnatila flew several sorties training. It has had two visits to the workbench recently, firstly the single centre  mounted servo with it's rod and bell cranks were removed and replaced with to servos mounted out near the ailerons, this has improved the ailerons. The second was to fit a OS 48 Surpass four stroke to the front-end involved building a new firewall about an inch further back, but it was really worth it as it now sounds great.

Chris B.


Sunday 12th.

Fifth flyable Sunday in a row in the middle of winter. Again while the rest of the UK reportedly suffered from conditions colder than the top of Everest the Severn estuary experienced a minor heat wave. It remained dry all day with some sunshine and only the lightest of southerly drift.

The car park is very muddy and care must be taken

No major incidents as far as I know. The pilots box will be more defined, much more defined. Then there will be no excuses for taking off through it.

(Above) Panoramic shots of busy pits.
In the calm conditions the dedicated "Children's" play area was busy most of the afternoon
Just a few of the models flown during the afternoon.
Sunday 5th

Well it was long awaited but the Twinfan finally made it to the strip, it wasn't as quick as i would have liked but it flew lovely.

Small modification needed, move the servos inside to prevent them getting damaged.

lovely Sunny day, most of the usual members arrived to take advantage of the calm wind conditions.

The day was slightly tainted by a mid air between myself and Dangerous but don't wish to dwell on that too much, I do believe that comments about a particular mid air should be left to the people who were present !! Or does Mr Bishops spatial Awareness stretch throughout Gloucestershire? J.M


While many parts of the UK suffered in the wintery conditions the Severn Valley remained sunny and with no breeze most of the day felt relatively warm. The lack of contrails and airliners far above our heads giving an indication to the disruption to UK air traffic.

Proceeding of the afternoon started with a mid air between Jonathans Curtis Warhawk and Dangerous Dave's newly acquired Hangar 9 Toledo Special in which both were written off. I usually consider mid airs as no blame affairs but given they were the only two models flying at the time, both models were relatively large and not flying that fast then some might take a different view.

Good Spatial Awareness is a must have skill whether flying full size or models, it is a skill that needs to be developed however there are many, too many who will never grasp the basisc, I'm sure you have all bumped into one walking down the street.

The Enya 90 in my Funtana 90S proved unreliable, compression seemed very variable from good to non existent possibly indicating a valve problem.

(Above & left) Chris H's Free Bee floats around in the calm conditions. Chris has only been flying since the new year and this was his first solo flights following a few buddy box sessions with the Magnatila.

(Below) The Chairman's "vintage"  Kyosho Concept 30 SRT. First flown in the summer of 1993, difficult to say how much is original, the OS32 SX was fitted a few weeks after the first flight and is still going strong.

The Concept 30 SRT has not flown for a few years and had a major overhaul before flying. The OS32 SX was completely gummed up with and needed a good soaking to free it off. Lost the settings on the carb so was running a bit rich, with calm conditions the smoke lingered for a bit.



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