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May 1st Spring BBQ

The great weekends of April didn't continue. The day was fine, dry and reasonably warm but a bit windy. 10 - 12 with gusts of 20 -22 at times and blowing from the east flying conditions were a bit turbulent.

The weather didn't stop members turning out nearly half paid a visit at sometime doing the day if not to fly then they made up for it by eating as all but a few rashers of bacon and small number of sausages remained form the 50 lb weight of meat that had arrived in the morning. Again Tracy with a bit of help from Paul kept the barbecue burning and continuous supply of food and drink. Many thanks to them for providing a sterling service.

A few fliers braved or made use of the conditions though larger models were the order of the day. I test flew an aging Magnatila for new member Lee, it flew well as Magnatilas always do but not the easiest models to fly in the conditions.

As a last minute thought I grabbed my 22+ year old Mig 25 off the wall. After a quick charge of electrons and air for the pneumatics the pit crew of Gurr/Fairbairn placed it on the strip. The first takeoff was perfect but the undercarriage refused to retract, the drag from this and a rich engine lead to a flame out on finals ending up outside the fence. After another maintenance session to the undercarriage and pneumatic system a second flight was attempted. Took a few attempts this time but it did get airborne and Phil got it on video, the gear retracted and it flew perfectly.

This model doesn't like grass it's natural home is very smooth tarmac, small wheels and little ground clearance for the rear propeller means it has to be flown of at high speed with little angle of attack and flown back on in a similar attitude. However with the help of the brisk headwind and an excellent cut of the strip by Clive fly it did, twice.

The next BBQ will be the traditional mid summer pig roast. This will be on the 19th of June keep a look out for further details and keep this weekend free in your diaries.

Chris B.

Pictures & video by Phil H.

cb-mig.jpg (130199 bytes)

cb-mig2.jpg (74605 bytes)

(Above left) Paul fettles, Jim retains CB waits. The product of the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau is prepared for flight.

(Above right)  Caught mid flight with it's bits dangling in the breeze.

(Right Phil's video) 

magatila2.jpg (47783 bytes)

magatila.jpg (45158 bytes)

(Above both) New member Lee's aging Magnatila battles the breeze after many years in the attic.

(Below both) Stan's electric Texan/Harvard? flew well in the conditions.

stan.jpg (97567 bytes)

stan2.jpg (23856 bytes)


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