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Tuesday 29th

phil-mx2.jpg (45741 bytes)

dc3.jpg (36653 bytes)

 Phil's MX2

 An electric DC3 coming out of the murk, this flew very fast and not in a scale like manor.
Sunday 27th

Well the day started slightly overcast with a cold breeze, sadly only one picture was taken due to cold hands.

The normal regulars turned out, well not so sure on their "normal" credentials but they turned up anyway.  

Jon a new member arrived with his Irvine Tutor 40 Trainer.


Paul and myself set about it, checked the set up and running the engine. It flew perfectly, even with Mr Gurr at the sticks.

He has arranged with Clive to borrow his buddy lead so he can get some practice, Look forward to hearing more in the coming months. 

Two other potential members came to see what we do, or don't as the case maybe and left with a promise of joining. 



Wednesday 23rd

kev.jpg (38640 bytes)

ade-glider1.jpg (99494 bytes)

Kevin's Beast

Ade's Dragon

phil-glider2.jpg (100409 bytes)

phil-glider.jpg (44043 bytes)

Phil forgets to let go while launching

This time he remembers

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dave.jpg (25969 bytes)

Dave's MX2

kevin2.jpg (66660 bytes)

nick-spitf.jpg (99165 bytes)

Kevin's Trojan

 Nick's Spitfire

woss.jpg (77938 bytes)

woss2.jpg (41167 bytes)

Ross's ducted fan Habu


Sunday 13th

Well what a lovely day finally, Blue skies and a little breeze.

Jonathan M.

Sadly not many turned out for a perfect days flying, the regulars where there and a great day was enjoyed by all.

Clive flew his Glider and at one point had interaction with NASA when trying to avoid the space station.

Tracey and David broke out the Sun loungers and caught a few rays, well David had to sit on the floor but due to the glorious sun it had dried out nicely.



Paul and Ken enjoyed the control line flying with a pair of Phantom's.

I put a new exhaust on the Zen and enjoyed a quiet flight, which wouldn’t bother any horses.

Paul's Concept 60 is now flying very well.


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