July 2011

Sunday 24th
I didn't arrive at the field until after 4 o clock but there were people still flying. It was a little blowy but the wind was gradually dying off as the day drew on.
 Various models were being flown with care!! I flew my new Stryker F 27Q which is an updated version of the old Stryker but with rudders. Its a bit of a handful and that's before you flick the switch to put it into high rates. Ginger Rob turned up with his Stryker and Trex 600. Mike flew a couple of his old uns. We had a few good flights during the early part of the evening, Pete R-H flew his 450 heli in circuits, not bad for a bloke who hasn't flown for nearly a year. Jon the hairdresser hah a really nice flight with his big(75") yak, what a gorgeous plane.
 Chris Bishop was seen by numerous witnesses to crash Jim the jocks large pattern ship and then WALK across the strip to recover a damaged airframe, well it was missing its under carriage!! Young David G ran over to him just to tell him that he was useless....no respect for your elders David!!!  As the light faded Jon brought out his 3d profile covered with leds. As most of us were packing up the light was  disappearing rapidly, this only left the two vintage flyers trying to pick out their little diesel models out of the gloom... takes all sorts i suppose!!!!


Gloucester Model Flying Club