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Sunday 23rd

A hardcore few visited the field on Sunday, The access was challenging but passable through the new entrance. Parking worked well between the Armco and the enclosure.

A few planes were flown, Dave flew his Extra 260 sadly only for a brief time when the ground intervened with dramatic effects.

Ken arrived with a little control line plane with wheels, worked well but only had a small tank so back to the drawing board to be modified.

Paul flew the Nitro Heli, but a earlier repair on the exhaust failed so was grounded for the rest of the day.

Stephen practiced his circuits and landing with his high wing trainer and raised his blood pressure once of twice.

Kev flew his ParkZone and was able to fly his indoor beast due to the mild wind conditions.

Jonathan M.

(Left) Hardy trio keeping warm. Note temporary parking out side the Armco.

(Below left) Dave's Extra 260 & his newly refurbished Magnum. (Below right).

All pictures by JM.

Sunday 16th
This afternoon  a valiant band of club members braved howling winds and driving rain to maintain our flying field.
There was a large flock of sheep roaming inside our flying area.
Andy Riley clapped his hands once, snapped his fingers, pointed to the beasts and told them ' where to go' like sheep they all ran away and out of the field.
We your valiant members then set about changing the entrance (to avoid the mud) and develop a new temporary car parking area behind the arm-co but inside the fence.
Please do not remove the fence that we have erected. You will have to step over the Armco.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Malcolm Wood
GMFC committee


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photo courtesy of Stan'


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