April Blog 2011 

Sunday 24th

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David's trainer

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Dave's Yak 54 

Paul's New Timer

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Jim's  Sebart Wind S

Thursday 21st
These are from  evening. a nice sunny evening, although it did get a little breezy for a while. I'm afraid I'm not too good with names of the people, or the models! But there was the usual eclectic mix of both. I flew my T-Rex 250 and 600, Malcolm flew his big red and yellow electric plane, young David  flew the little diesel model and the foamy pictured. Plus there were a couple of interesting homebrew gyrocopters.



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Tuesday 19th

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A great afternoon, loads of lift for my Starlight, I used an electric winch to launch it

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Sunday 17th.

The fine weather continues. Warm sunny morning clouded over just after lunch bit cooler in the afternoon. Winds light and variable at first settling to a light north westerly in the afternoon. It's Easter next weekend so don't expect the good weather to continue.

Good turnout all the usual suspects plus a few new faces.

Yours truly decided to have a IC day, my first of the year. Four IC models were squeezed into the Jeep, two helicopters, one Puppeteer biplane and a new 'fast' model.

At the field things started badly as the three perennial P's came into play, a lack of fittings to rig the Pup was only solved after several members emptied their tool boxes. Things got worse when refuelling the Hirobo Condor I got my trouser a bit wet!

Jim fortunately stepped up to the bench and got the Hirobo running. Later Paul & Ken assisted with the other three models and a great day was had by me.

Many thanks to the three of them.

IC flying is really fun when you have a good pit crew.

Chris B.

Pictures by Darren.

(Right & below) Starting an IC helicopter. Note the number of persons required and the technique used to start my Concept 30 SRX.

You might just take a moment to compare this with the cool professionalism of Steve Parker (see Helicopter starting Autumn 2006)

(Left) Chairman poses while refuelling the Pup.

Dawn (to CB, late afternoon to others) patrol over the skies of Gloucestershire. The 'Flair duo' of Magnatila and Puppeteer do there best to avoid hitting each other.

(Right) A quick cupper between sorties and pit duties.

(Above & Left) Chairman's new speed machine 'Pink Piper modified" built over 9 months from a free plan designed by John Rutter.

Not quite the fastest kid on the block but no slouch for a 2.5 cc motor.

(Below) Not unexpectedly Darren's attempts at flying shots all proved to be cloudscapes.

Clive's pretty little PT18.


Concept 60 and Concept discuss their owners.


Sunday 10th

The good weather continues though not as warm a Saturday Sunday saw less wind dropping to calm by early evening. Again a big turnout with a large variety of models. 

How many clubs could boast the plethora of model types flown in one day, many at the same time. The control line circle was very busy with the father and son teams of Ford's and Gurr's plus Ken flying most of the afternoon.

Great weekend if only 2011 would continue like this!

Chris B.

All pictures by Phil.

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(Above & right) Chairman's Rotorshape Autogyro back in the air after overhaul with a new motor and paint job. Scheduled back in the workshop to have a working rudder fitted.

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(Right) Phil's elderly Twinjet had a couple of flights while he took a break from gliding.

(Below) "Dangerous" Dave's MX2 sports a colour scheme that you can't miss, plus a large DX8 sticker to advertise his new radio.

(Below right) Paul gives David's little diesel power trainer a good heave.

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(Above) Four electric aerobats wait for the strip to clear. While (below) a Raptor waits to pounce.

(Above) A silver Magnatila out for its first sortie of the year while (below) Darren's little profile model returns to earth.

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Saturday 9th

The forecasters were not wrong, the warning of sun burn was not heeded by some who by the end of the day had red faces and white "panda" eyes. With no cloud and little haze the sun was very strong for early April. A strong south easterly breeze made for difficult flying conditions.

Congratulations to Steve Whithead on passing his "A" certificate, his Fracas model copping easily with the conditions.

Chris B.

All photos by CB.

(Above left) Car park filling up by mid morning. (Above right) Mike Frith's Volcanic EP a large model that flew very well in the conditions the Park Zone Spitfire gives an idea of size.
Five shots of Nick Cooks Kyosho 90 size Spitfire.

Superb model superbly flown flew on and off the strip as if the crosswind didn't exist. Power to weight is just right and in the air it looks superb.

The picture to the left is just as it was taken, honest! Even I'm amazed.

(Right) Flight line mid afternoon.

(Below both) Nick Ford and the Wot Four he won back in December as first prize in the Xmas raffle.

Nice to see it flying. I think it's the first raffle prize that has flown from the strip.


Within the GMFC are a small group who occasionally like to improve their 'circulation' and get a bit more exercise than us more normal types who just sit or stand and only get exercise when retrieving a wayward model.

So a circulating track is under construction so they can exercise more freely.

The new control line circle was cut and given it's inaugural flight on Saturday evening.


Pilot; Ken Mattock,
Model; Phantom Major.
Model holder; Nick Ford,
Overseeing health & safety and insuring that no animals were harmed or frightened while just getting in the way; George Ford.

This historic event was captured in the following sequence of photos, captured at great personal risk to myself.


Ken brings the Phantom in for a perfect landing at the end of the inaugural flight.


Meanwhile Jonathan & Darren just keep on flying into the dark.


Sunday 3rd


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Jim's Wind Pro 110


Gloucester Model Flying Club