September 2010

Sunday 26th
Phil and CB fly a thermal comp at Malvern, see results Please note CB lift spotted for me and I spotted for him, Chris is lot better at spotting lift than me than me

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mal4.jpg (96229 bytes)

Chairman's Balsa craft glider on a landing approach

Phil stupidly stands in the landing spot

Tuesday 21st

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auto-giro.jpg (99158 bytes)

Nick flying his MX2

Auto Gyro had problems

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David flying control line

This flew over the field low and fast

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Phil  and CB flying gliders

Sunday 19th 
A visit to Kemble airshow, more photos at 

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PZ865 was the last of 14,533 Hurricanes to be built at Langley in 1944. She was used by Hawkers for a communication and test aircraft. PZ865 was entered in the Kings Cup Air Race by HRH Princess Margaret. Flown by Group Captain Peter Townsend it achieved second place. After a complete overhaul, PZ865 was flown to Coltishall in March 1972 and given to the Memorial Flight by Hawker Siddeley. PA474 is one of only 2 airworthy Lancasters in the world, the other Lancaster being in Canada. She was built in Chester in 1945 and is one of 7377 that were built. She was originally earmarked for the 'Tiger Force' in the Far East but due to the end of the war was assigned to Photo-Recon duties with 82 Sqn in East and South Africa where she had her turrets removed and carried the identification letter 'M'. Returned to the UK and intended to be used as a pilotless drone but transferred to the Royal College of Aeronautics where she was used for trials on the Handley Page Laminar Flow wing instead. In 1964 was being prepared for future display at RAF Hendon. However she was restored at Waddington and had her turrets replaced and eventually joined the Battle of Britain Flight in November 1973.

Autumn BBQ.

Sunday 12th

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Jim's B-plane

David's trainer

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paul-b2.jpg (90232 bytes)

two of Paul Butcher's models

After a run of pretty poor Sundays, following a pretty dismal Saturday and preceding a very "autumnal" Monday Sunday the 13th was glorious. Warm with plenty of sun, the morning cumulus gave suburb soaring conditions and the afternoon bright sunshine. There was around lunchtime a spot of rain (just the one) to justify the forecast of rain. The wind was west to north-westerly all day 10-15 mph and a bit gusty during the middle of the day.

Turnout was a bit down on some of our past BBQ's, but still about 50 plus members dropping in at sometime during the day. The flying was slower than other days, the gusty cross wind keeping some grounded.

Tracy (with some help from Paul) provided a steady stream of food and drink all day. The breakfast bun of sausage bacon and egg did not prove that popular but those that did partake could easily be identified by the egg staining on the shirt. The sticky BBQ ribs proved very popular. Many thanks to Chefs.

Had the Radio Queen back in the air late afternoon and got the best series of aerial shots I have ever taken. I have published the best two but there are many other good ones. Both have been slightly cropped and are left in large format to do them justice. The second picture is from straight overhead at 700ft. The new small cross strip is clearly visible, we now have to get Clive to extend it and move the bales and it will be a welcome addition when the wind is in the North West.

Chris B.


Saturday 4th

A visit to Much Marcle Airshow, see 

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Just got back from a great weekend. Extremely relaxed and well run. Lots of flying, great weather Sat, bit rainy Sunday but still flew lots. Many thanks to the Much Marcle lot and the LMA for their sticking with this great show after the last two unfortunate cancellations Whistle

Wednesday 1st

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A short video of the field taken from Phil's glider 

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perfect-approach.jpg (65093 bytes)

Ben's Tiger trainer

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