June 2010

Wednesday 30th

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Cookie's electric job

Richard's new Timer

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Brian's Taylorcraft

Wednesday 23rd

Dave Martin brought along his Flair Stearman.

The workmanship is superb but Dave admits he didn't build it himself, advertised on the BMFA website he says he just had to buy it. Powered by a Laser "V" twin it looks just right, well it will do when the cockpits occupied, two suitable pilots are on order.

 Saturday 19th  

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I maidened my VMAR Bulldog on Saturday morning avideo is online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t87mtrhzt1s

Plane is 62" wingspan 8.25lbs
 Power train:
Emax BL4030 380Kv (so smooth and quiet!) 
Black Mantis 85A ESC

3S2P (i.e. 6 cells) 4500mah lipos (Loong max Tipples)

15 x 13 JHF prop

Can get 1200W if I need it (55A) but took off with just over half throttle. 

 Mike Frith


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Sunday 20th Mid summer BBQ.

After manner of weather forecasts leading up to the day, the weather was perfection.

Blue skies with the occasional cumulus marking superb thermal activity. Just enough breeze to keep the temperature tolerable although with the thermal activity it was gusty at times.

The strength of the sun caught all out by the end of the day, lots of red faces with white 'Panda' eyes were to be seen.

Many thanks to Tracy and Paul for tending the BBQ. A steady supply of food was available all day. Not quite the mountain of food consumed as last year, probably due to the hotter weather.

Difficult to tell the numbers, there was certainly a good turnout throughout the day but not quite such a large number of cars mid afternoon that I have counted in the past.

Lots of flying with a wide range of models flown. I saw no major disasters probable the worst being a dislodge under carriage.

The GMFC policy has always been to encourage all model types to fly safely together and this Sunday certainly proved that it can be done. Lots of helicopters form  Thunder Tiger Mini Titan 450 to Stan's massive Bolkow, fixed wing IC from small diesel models to large petrol powered monster and electrics from Paul B's (non to scale) diminutive Spitfire to Jim's superlative Angel S aerobatic ship.

For once even the yours truly did some flying, the search for the right motor for the Funjet continues and in the calm evening air the Blade XL was a dream to fly.

Chris B.

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 Paul's Marathon 25 cc petrol.

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 David's Accipiter

Jim's  Angel S

(Above & below) Stan's Bolkow BK 117 with Robbe Nova Cuatro gasser mechanics. Very large very impressive. Test flown in it's original white finish has gone to the spray shop for a dash of colour.
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Marley's other Giant Jabberwock, this is not the model that his late farther was building but another one Marley found on EBay.

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Lee's Spitfire

Jonathon's Corsair

Tuesday 15th
Tonight was Stryker night. I was maidening mine and Malcolm was maidening his. Mine was built by Mr Parkzone and Malcs was built by a dodgy model shop owner who resides in Barton street!! I got mine in the air first and it flew well, it was a bit pedestrian but that will be rectified!!! Malcolm's turn and i'm pleased to say it flew well too. Clive flew his stryker then and Andy flew his Raptor.


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Three of Darren's models, I don't know the name of the rather striking delta wing but it may be written somewhere.
above a Hughes bodied Morley and left his Raptor 
Monday 14th  
Arrived at the field to find it was a bit blustery!! I put a few tanks of fuel through the Raptor and enjoyed having the field to myself. CB turned up and shattered the peace. Where has our summer gone?? 

Sunday 13th

Video of Lee's Raptor  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeRiw2pz2WU 


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David's 109

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CB's Funjet

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Wednesday 8th
A quite afternoon, or it would have been if Cookie wasn't there. 
I flew my glider using a Bungee to launch. It had just rained and there was no lift to be found, after tramping through the wet grass 5 times, I had a short break and a difficult conversation with John about him lift spotting for me.
The next launch I found some lift over our old strip, after gaining some height I found another 4 patches of lift, the task made easy by the thermalling Gulls and Buzzards.

June 1st
A quite afternoon, I was on my own, with a glider for the afternoon. Conditions were overcast and lift weak and hard to spot


Gloucester Model Flying Club