February 2010

Sunday 21st

At last some decent weather coinciding with a Sunday, sunny, warmish, with a light breeze and no snow.

Malcolm's previous report on access and the state of the strip is spot on. If it keeps drying then we can get on and sort the track out.

Only had time for a quick visit, but was able to see Kens new engine and model. Sadly had to leave before Jim flew is new speed machine, reports are that it is fast

Chris B.



(Above) Paul G. prepares himself to launch Jims 'new' YT International Mach Racer. Weston 50 up front with full tuned pipe.

Set up properly is claimed to exceed 150 mph? Just hope Jim doesn't get it set up properly then.!

(Above & below) Ken's latest masterpiece of metal work, an Aero V Twin built from castings and published plans has taken him about 18 months on & off to complete. The chosen airframe for the model is an 80" Super Buccaneer designed by Ben Buckle, this was built a bit a more rapidly, Ken started construction on the day after boxing day and it first flew last Saturday (13th Feb), construction taking place entirely in the warmth of the kitchen.

The engine runs beautifully and with the small silencers very quietly, originally intended to run on petrol with spark ignition the engine is much happier run as a glow engine.

jon-mustang.jpg (116760 bytes)

jon.jpg (103184 bytes)

Jonathan's Mustang, nice big wheels for winter, but to far back a bit of adjustment had the tendancy to keep nosing over cured.

marley.jpg (108883 bytes)

phil-su26.jpg (107437 bytes)

Marley's Extra

Phil's Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26M 

Monday 15th 

I was at the flying field Monday afternoon and can report that the ground is definitely drying.
The lakes on the track are now large puddles and the track is a bit muddy and not so slimy.
The access is also showing signs of drying.
My advice is to avoid the wheel tracks but drive with one wheel between the tyre tracks and one wheel outside. Avoid harsh acceleration and the grass will survive being driven on for the benefit of all.
The strip is very flyable. Not perfect but take-offable and landable.
Malcolm Wood


Gloucester Model Flying Club