August 2010

Saturday 21st
Our chairman CB gave a talk, instructions and demonstration on the maneuvers needed to pass the 'B'' test. 
The weather was (inclement is one one word) but we got through it. My Acromaster had a bad air day, my fault I should have moved the C of G forward and turned the elevator movement down.


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The weather

CB's  Pitts Python

Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th

Andy's V trainer

Caption contest

Clive's Quiver 
Control line racing, Nick is overtaken by his niece George launching for Nick
Lee's Slinger and Spifire
Mike Bond's home brew and Super 60
Phil's Twin Jet - very tame with the original speed 400s


Sunday 8th

Ken and CB go out for the day.

CB out of bed before 8.00am (just) Ken on time (as always) 8.45am, depart Bishop acres at 9.00am and without the aid of map or sat nav (forgot both) half an hour later we were claiming our patch in the field at Cockle Barrow Farm for there "Vintage" model day.

For information a "vintage" model is considered to be any model design published before 1965, although you can build it to any size and use any power source.

For those not in the know Cockle Barrow Farm is just of the A40 near Aldsworth. It has for many years been the venue of rallies for Vintage Models and there owners. With a great weather forecast over a 100 cars were parked up at one point during the afternoon.

Being on top of the Cotswolds and within a couple of miles of the correctly named Windrush airfield it is not often blessed with ideal weather for vintage models. Sunday the 8th was the exception with just very light winds form all directions until early evening when a cooler westerly set in. While the morning was sunny there was enough cloud cover to keep the temperature down but still plenty of thermal activity.

If the Chairman thought he was having a quiet Sunday away from GMFC members he was wrong as another half dozen appeared out of the car park.

The KM/CB squadron for the day consisted of Kens Buccaneer and Super 60 with there home made Vee-twin and "sparky". CB with his Kiel Kraft Gypsy & Mini Eros plus the joint venture of the Radio Queen, the later all being electric powered.

Kens own built engines drew lots of attention with Ken spending a lot of the day swapping notes with other engine builders, I think he came away with a few ideas for the winter. Both his models performed faultlessly all day he only stopped flying at tea time because he ran out of fuel. .

CB had two flight's with the Radio Queen both in excess of the hour both landing with enough battery left for another twenty minutes. The Gypsy also put in two 30 minute and was admired by many, no other Gypsy can surly have claimed to have flown for so many hours.

During the afternoon all the assembled "X-spurts" attempted to start Ken Brill's PAW 08 on the front of his "Sharkface", under cross examination from the Chairman he did sort of admit that Paul G. had once tried to start it but was adamant  that Paul had not taken an electric starter to it. I'm sorry to report that no GMFC member believed him at which point interest waned and the long suffering "Sharkface" went home in one piece yet again.

Took  few photos, not great quality, plus a video which is now on you-tube of the mass Tomboy scramble.

Bought a few goodies and had a very enjoyable day, will be back in October.

Chris B.

(Left) Ken and CB's squadron. The oldest is the Gypsy on the right 20 years +, the youngest the Red Buccaneer which has yet to celebrate it's 1st birthday.

(Below) The Radio Queen executes a perfect touch and go, just the pity the camera man didn't get it all in. At least the shot down the valley looks good and allows for a bit slope soaring.

(Right) Contestant ready themselves for the "Tomboy" fly off. This could really challenge Formula One as a spectator sport.

Check out the video on YouTube (if I can work out how to upload it.)

It will have you griping the edge of your seat. Don't miss the cameo appearance from Ken Brill. 

Didn't just fly the Radio Queen around for an hour for nothing, took a few pics. 68 before the batteries went flat these are the best four. Got some nice shots of trees, crops, grass and lots of sky. You get sky if you take a picture with a camera mounted underneath while doing a loop! Learn something new every day.

Thank goodness for digital photography.

Saturday 7th

I have to report that the Chairman's Multiplex Funjet Ultimate is no longer with us. At a secret location while attempting to be the first model to break the sound barrier both on land and in the air during the same flight disaster struck when the model went out of control and crashed in grassland. It was killed on impact, the Flight data recorder has yet to be recovered.

That's the story and the Chairman is sticking to it, OK.

Our roving newshound with his nose for smelling b******t has located an eyewitness a Mr P Ass By who states;

"The fat bloke in the electric chair seem determined to get this thing airborne despite the huge black cloud overhead and the fact it had started to rain. On the first attempt it fell of the wheel thing it was balanced on, the next time it took a semi circular route across the runway boy was it shifting, just before it got to the end of the runway it shot into the air. Didn't see much of it after that it was going so fast and what with all the rain, that and the bloke on the electric chair thing complain about it being a bit out of trim, water on his glasses and that his chair was facing the wrong way most of the time. After three or four minutes it crashed nothing on board could have survived it was going so fast".


Gloucester Model Flying Club