May 2008

May  31st
A low turnout for such a pleasant day. Mike Bond had a good time flying his Magistair and low wing model. His Mig 15 failed to fly at first because the ducted fan was sucking instead of blowing and fell to the ground in just a couple of feet . Paul performed surgery on it, cutting the belly open and swapping two of the wires. It flew very fast, too fast for me to get a photo, the grey against the grey clouds did not help, but thanks to Photoshop we have a fake picture.
Our Chairman arrived with an Ebay bought canard , a real mean looking machine.  Powered by a Hacker A30 10XL on 4 cells, Chris put on a good high speed display, until the unventilated speed controller gave up.
Mark's light weight Katana MD was very impressive, a great 3D machine, I will have to have one.
I crashed my Acromaster while trying a low inverted pass, Paul tried to do better with Darren's much abused Buzz and succeeded,  hitting the ground much faster and harder.
I made a right cock up of flying CB's Byp Yak,  unable to compensate for it climbing in one KE and diving on the other, taking nearly a whole battery before I got it to do rolling circuit, a very strange model to fly as it will only turn on rudder.

mike-low.jpg (151814 bytes)

mike-mig.jpg (76027 bytes)

Mike Bond's low wing model and a fake photo of his Mig15

adrian-hi-boy.jpg (46120 bytes)

canard.jpg (118033 bytes)

Adrian flying the England team's  Hi-boy

Chairman's low pass, I canardly believe it

cb-byp-sun.jpg (58467 bytes)

clive-newtimer.jpg (68103 bytes)

CB's Byp Yak and Clive's Newtimer enjoying the calm air at sunset


Friday 30th May

paul-phantom.jpg (85372 bytes)

phantom-david.jpg (195312 bytes)

Paul Flying David's Phantom

richard-honey-bee.jpg (62895 bytes)

easy-pigeon-pass.jpg (80205 bytes)

Richard's Honey Bee

Phil's Easy Pigeon

Thursday 29th May

Five members turned up tonight, only to battle with a stiff breeze that saw the normal helis grounded. Phil continued to throw his over powered Acro-master around the sky, performing near perfect 3D  moves ?? (that's what he wanted to hear) 
.Phil also had his powered glider, which when airborne  didn't use much airspace, due to the fact the motor wasn't  powerful enough to penetrate the wind!

Photo:-  Phil's Easy Pigeon . 600 brushed removed and 150watt brushless fitted. 

easy-pigeon.jpg (153895 bytes)

Stan tried his hand at i.c planes again, less than a week after his Pup exploded into the ground a new one appeared complete with a nice shiny engine and a few mods.

pup-stan.jpg (193406 bytes)

Stan and Phil started to run the OS47 engine in, then it was ready for its maiden flight, to cut a long story short Bill and Ben would have got it airborn quicker. Stan would like to thank the following people: Darren for the loan of various tools and a servo horn, Phil for the loan of a file and his expertise in bodging, Mike for keeping the aircraft still when ground running the engine and supplying various other items and last but not least Clive for telling him about the mods after the first crash !


The highlight of the night was watching Phil "helicopters are a pain" The Fridge (!) trying to pilot a helicopter on Phoenix, we have never heard so many excuses for poor flying.
Tuesday 27th
A dull day but a lot better than the awful weekend, CB made a brief visit and helped me with my Acromaster, suggesting a lower pitched prop and more rudder movement to improve prop hanging and knife edge.
Richard flew his Attrition and had the first flight with his Ultimate Bi-pane, I had set this up with insufficient exponential at first and Richard found it a little twitchy .
Neil had several flights with his Electric Telemaster  using a buddy box lead connected to Darren's DX7. the model coped with the breeze and was easy to fly, Neil got on well for a new flier.

richard-ulitmate.jpg (88595 bytes)

attrution-richard.jpg (79036 bytes)
Richard Herbert's Ultimate Bi-plane, flew  well and coped OK with the breeze

Richard's Attrition on it's second outing

stan-phil.jpg (101410 bytes)

acro-sun.jpg (69452 bytes)

Stan and Phil's Acromasters taking off by a "brave" photographer

Acromaster at sunset

darren-buzz-sun.jpg (75742 bytes)

darren-buzz-sun3.jpg (90447 bytes)

Darren's Buzz against the best sunset this year. unfortunately it was so dark Darren could not see it and landed a long way from the strip. The left  hand photo is straight off the camera right hand photo has been lightened by 20% 3rd photo


Friday 23rd
The showers stopped to give pleasant evening. Darren continued hovering his Raptor with a hula hoop cable tied to the bottom, it looks like he's getting the hang off it, very stable so the training ring may be coming off soon. Darren was also seen flying CB's Big Bubble. Stan had minor engine problems with his Concept 60 Jet Ranger, he also flew Darren's very popular Buzz 

cb-delta3.jpg (94740 bytes)

cb-delta2.jpg (98769 bytes)

Chairman's venerable old Multiplex Twinjet now also Lipo powered. 3rd photo

stan-concept2.jpg (99493 bytes)

stan-rainbow3.jpg (102924 bytes)

Stan's Concept 60 2nd photo

Stan's Rainbow posing for the camera

phil-acromaster2.jpg (97562 bytes)

My Multiplex AcroMaster now with the decorations stuck on, this was more of dodgy sort of wobble than a knife edge pass.

Thursday 22nd
A dull evening weather wise but the flying was lively. Our chairman flew a new members GWS E-Starter but found the geared brushed motor a little under powered.

My Multiplex AcroMaster, over powered by Hacker A30 XL went as expected, the 14 X 7 prop also OTT pulled it vertically at a rate of knots.

Stan flew his Twinstar in a spirited fashion and two of our members got silly with Darren's Buzz, how low will it fly inverted?

Answer,  into the ground, see photo

stan-twinstar-thurs.jpg (63271 bytes)

Stan's Twinstar

speed run photo 

gws-estarter2.jpg (86070 bytes)

bubble-acromaster.jpg (100819 bytes)

A new members GWS E-Starter 2nd photo

Chairman's Big Bubble and Phil's Acromaster 

Wednesday 21st

No pictures as Phil flying elsewhere. Had first mishap with T.rex 600 (predicted three days ago) trying to re-enacting Adrian's tail side of the previous evening. Only 4 fliers for what was another superb evening with the wind dying of completely.

Ken flew his Blade helicopter and Kyosho Minim, both performed well in the still air.


Tuesday 20

Richard Herbert flew his Attrition for the fist time, after a long construction period. A poor solder joint was subject to a quick on field repair to see him back in the air again.

The evening saw half a dozen fliers out to enjoy what was an absolutely perfect evening, the wind dropped right of to nearly flat calm and with full cloud cover but relatively bright conditions gave for one of the best flying conditions for a long time.

I flew my electric Funtana 90S at about half eight in air that was absolutely silky smooth. This had to be the best flight I have ever had with this model.

Adrian had a little mishap with his T.rex 450 when it trailside into the ground.

Darren got in several sessions with his Raptor, while others continued the destructive testing of his "Buzz".

darren-ring.jpg (105574 bytes) tues-cb-trex.jpg (60754 bytes)
Darren's Raptor 30. CB's electric Align T-rex 600.
paul-heli-asking.jpg (100356 bytes) byp-yak-flash.jpg (99592 bytes)
Paul asks for a go with Stan's heli! The camera flash highlighting CB's Byp Yak against the evening sky.
tuesday-funtana.jpg (89499 bytes) richard-atrition.jpg (75924 bytes)

Chairman's electric Funtana 90S.

Richard Herbert's Attrition, fitted with an OS 30
 four stroke.

Monday 19th

Another day with a cool north-easterly doing the day, but the wind dropped late in the evening to give a great finish to the day.


mon-autogyro.jpg (91281 bytes)

mon-byeyak.jpg (98703 bytes)

Rotorshape Autogyro.

Bye Yak posed against the sunset.

Sunday 18th

A warm pleasant day if you stayed in the shelter of the hedge, out on the strip there was a cool and sometimes gusty north-easterly wind.

The control line circle was busy with George Ford and his son flying a variety of models including a twin-engined Grumman Tigercat complete with arrester hook for carrier landings.

I continued with my run of bad luck/incompetence (delete as applicable) with other peoples models. Ken Mattock's pretty little Cierva C30 Autogyro, flew well until disorientation preceded contact with the ground. Sadly the model was badly damaged, I do hope we will see it in the air again.

Managed to test fly my new Align T-rex 600CF without mishap. This model is awesome the performance just has to be seen, it's abilities are well beyond my capabilities at this time. But not for long, this model will get damaged!

control-george.jpg (108506 bytes)

darren-stan-heli.jpg (149409 bytes)

George Ford's Grumman Tigercat gets away from a hand launch.

Stan tests Darren's re-engined Raptor 30.

cb-the-power.jpg (129766 bytes)

adrian-navy.jpg (97212 bytes)

"I've got the power"

Adrian's Bear Cat

auto-gyro.jpg (61219 bytes)

roger-milne.jpg (49989 bytes)

The Cierva C30 Autogyro gets away from Kens hand launch. Roger Milne's Extreme Flight Extra 300. Powered by a brushless Torque 2818T/900 outrunner driving a 11 X 5.5 prop.
Phil flying his U-can-do-3D or in his case not do 3D, flies well but the 90 4 stroke is very thirsty or-not-do-3d.jpg (147321 bytes)
Saturday 17th

A dull overcast day, some threatening looking clouds  kept most people away, but no rain and just a light breeze.  I briefly met Roger Milne a visitor from Lancashire, Roger flew his Extra, details later

extra-roger.jpg (169578 bytes)

shadow4.jpg (80854 bytes)

phil-low-pass.jpg (96456 bytes)

Roger Milne's electric Extra

Jim's Shadow under a black cloud

and a mystery photo, too low and too fast, but no large white taxi in the car park.


Friday 16th 

A quite day at the field, Richard was practicing  flat eights and I tried to take the barrel out of my  left hand  rolls with my Giles 202

photo Richard's Honey Bee, the two mounds suggest there will be some track repairs

2nd photo

richard-honey.jpg (96852 bytes)

Wednesday 14th

Warm but very windy, Richard Learner's Newtimer and Brigadier struggled to penetrate. Aussi Richard coped OK with his electric heli

2brigadear.jpg (234557 bytes)

Tuesday 13th
Not a good evening, the north easterly breeze produced a lot of turbulence. Me and Paul were hoping for a go with Darren's Buzz, I think I may have to buy a fun model at the Thames Valley Airshow this weekend

darren-buzz-oring.jpg (115891 bytes)

clive-sun.jpg (44726 bytes)

Darren's Buzz gets a new elastic band but stayed grounded with a faulty servo 
(is this really newsworthy ?)

Clive's Newtimer  at sunset

Sunday 11th
A good day with plenty of flying, but not too hectic, mostly fixed wing, the heli and fixed wing giving each other plenty of space.
Mark's big extra was impressive, but needed a lot of runway to land. Jim's F3A shadow eat up a lot of sky, the sun in the late afternoon reduced the flying area. John a new member, flew his large petrol engined Ultra stick carefully in the new surroundings. Adrian flew his electric heli and Thunderbolt in a spirited fashion. Mark's overpowered Panic flew like Panics do and a lot more.

3jim-acro.jpg (91202 bytes)

3adrain-thunderbolt.jpg (75511 bytes)

Jim's AcroMaster

Adrian's profile Thunderbolt

3mark-extra.jpg (124089 bytes)

Mark's 1/3 scale Extra Hanger 9 Extra 330L 1/3 rd scale 97 Zenoah 80cc twin, 6 JR 8471 servos on control surfaces 1 JR 591 on Throttle JR Radio, Arizona regulator with Fromeco Lithium 4800 mah pack

2nd photo



Stan's Centaury Predator OS70 with Longrange fuselage

3stan-helic.jpg (139958 bytes)

3jim-shadow.jpg (110338 bytes)

3john-stick.jpg (118149 bytes)

Jim's F3A Shadow 2nd photo

John's Ultra Stick

Saturday 10th

A busy day and no problems with helis and fixed wing flying together. this could of been because I was on the ground with my camera persuading them to fly inverted, when I asked Stan for inverted the second word of the reply was off.
If I took your picture and it is not here, I probably cocked it up

3bad-boy.jpg (60658 bytes)

 Mark's Badboy

3brian.jpg (96486 bytes)

Brian's new electric model
 a  SebArt Sukhoi-29S 30E,  

1550mm Span
Motor Hacker A30-14L (490W) 800kv. 2200mAp 20C Hi Model battery
40amp controller  14 x 7 APC prop.

2nd photo

3mark-inverted.jpg (106985 bytes)

3stan-heli.jpg (115177 bytes)

Mark's Synergy N9 with a Y.S. 91
2nd photo

 Stan's Graupner Augusta A109 with the Hiem body kit
2nd photo

Well I did ask them for a synchronised takeoff and this what I got, inch perfect.

"be careful what you wish for, lest it come true"

Ross's large Wot 4 (Zenoah 32) and a large Panic (Fuji 34) flown  by Steve a new member


3llittle-large.jpg (68823 bytes)

jim-heli.jpg (66353 bytes)

Jim trying to make our antipodean member Richard feel at home with his Trex 600n pro


Friday 9th
A good day, the southerly breeze disappeared tea time giving us a perfect evening. Mark was able to fly his light weight Katanna, this was its maiden flight and it flew superbly . Paul's trainer went real well after 40 minutes setting it up, I could not find the differential aileron setting on the DX7and had to use a mixer. This is a great trainer very stable and easy to fly. Richard and Darren flew their  Buzzes.( you wait ages and then.....) I kept pouring fuel into my Giles and had to phone Clive to deliver more.

3mark-katanna.jpg (47146 bytes)

3paul-newtimer.jpg (98171 bytes)

Mark's Electric Katanna

Paul Launching his Newtimer

3paul-trainer.jpg (74909 bytes)

3richard-buzz.jpg (50127 bytes)

Paul's high wing electric trainer 

Richard Herbert's Buzz


Wednesday 7th

CB is away on one of his short work breaks, so we will get a fewer words and more photos as I am no wordsmith.
Another pleasant evening, but only 4 flyers. The farmer was out again making hay while the sun shone and Clive joined in cutting the strip, I found I could avoid tipping nose in  on the long grass by holding up elevator. 

stan-rainbow-sun3.jpg (63434 bytes)

stan-rainbow-sun2.jpg (52945 bytes)

Stan's Rainbow taking off and against the sunset, I will get some details on this model

stan-rainbow-sun.jpg (66315 bytes)

wed-giles-sun.jpg (60123 bytes)

My Giles, now fitted with a Thunder Tiger 40, I have given up trying to get the ASP 36 to run without cutting during attempted aerobatics
Tuesday 6th
A perfect evening for model flying, Nothing to write home about really.

photo: the maiden flight of Stan's Rainbow

stan-rainbow.jpg (60590 bytes)

Monday 5th

A busy day with little or no wind and just one shower. Paul's radio Queen suffered engine problems. Keith took the the training undercarriage of his heli. Mark put on a superb aerobatic display with his Acromaster and later his helicopter, spending a lot of time inverted.
Darren's Super tiger 39 pro suffered a big end failure while being run in on the ground. Stan's Acromaster had a spectacular speed controller burnout and Ken's Newport hit the ground rather hard after refusing to come out of a turn, apart from that everyone seemed to be having a good time. The 2 gliders failed to find lift. Paul Gurr test flew a new members high wing electric trainer, floated in real slow for landing, much better than the usual heavy ic  trainer. I continued with my Giles, doing uneven eights, loops not round, rolls that barrel and stall turns only half right, I guess I will never make the nationals.

grass-cutting.jpg (145331 bytes)

exodus.jpg (146891 bytes)

No bank holiday for the farmer, The tractors lap times got quicker for some reason, maybe the tyres warmed up or the fuel load decreased   

 and of course the usual bank holiday rain, which stopped play for a while

stan-twinstar.jpg (100077 bytes)

twin-twistars.jpg (103292 bytes)

Stan's Twinstar 2nd photo

mass launch, well Stan and Clive

mark-acro.jpg (101926 bytes)

ken-newport.jpg (34093 bytes)

Mark's Acromaster, very impressive 

 Ken's Newport

brian-fun.jpg (49498 bytes)

Brian's profile funfly

Sunday 4th

sun-cb-heli.jpg (98569 bytes)

darren-raptor-600.jpg (253301 bytes)

Chairman's Raptor 550e in a plain rapper 

and Darren's Raptor 30 with  the on the ground posing body by Canomod

paul-quadstar.jpg (100884 bytes)

bad-buy.jpg (114381 bytes)

Paul's 4Star (a Twinstar with 4 motors for extra grunt). Second photo with wing and tail plane air brushed in Mark's Badboy behaving well on landing
Saturday 3rd

stan-cessna-sat.jpg (247549 bytes)

phil-cessna-sat2.jpg (202373 bytes)

stan-cessna-sat2.jpg (188549 bytes)

Stan's wayward Cessna being rescued from a tree. There were 4 hungry birds squawking at me from the nest

stan-darren-sat.jpg (175372 bytes)

How many Glos-MFC members does it take to set up up Darren's helicopter? 
That would be Stan to make the adjustments, Darren to watch and learn and two to take the micky

darren-buzz2.jpg (56587 bytes)

darren-buzz.jpg (69395 bytes)

Darren's Flyingwings Buzz flashing bye in the failing light. It went great on two cells and a lot faster when our chairman supplied a three cell lipo. Easy to fly, vertical climbing and unbreakable, great fun. Darren will enjoy this model when he gets a go
Friday 2nd May

keith-friday.jpg (132165 bytes)

steve-friday.jpg (128895 bytes)

Keith, now progressed to moving his heli round the strip

Steve's Raptor 

bob-friday-takeoff.jpg (81446 bytes)

bob-friday.jpg (97867 bytes)


cb-camera.jpg (132337 bytes)

 A training session with CB's Twinstar, no not me I have acquired too many bad habits to be helped, perhaps it's the company I keep. 
Our chairman is  practicing his camera work and broken the habit of a life time by getting the model and the pilot in the frame



Gloucester Model Flying Club