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Pictures from Indoor meeting 22nd September, no write up as I am catching flight early Sunday morning.










Tuesday 18th September.


Paul and myself tested new indoor flying venue. Tough job, somebody has to do it. Took a lot of test flights or would have if I had taken along a charged battery for my transmitter!


The floor area is 40 X 40 metres the flying space slightly larger with a clear roof space. For comparison Chosen Hill is approx 25 X 15 meters with allsorts of ceiling furniture


To rent this dome we need more people, 20 plus at 7.00 per head to break even on an evening. It has other attractions (bar) which should be open. Please spread the word of this possible venue it’s only a few minutes drive from the centre of Gloucester with good access from Swindon direction.
We would like to use it and we need all your support.



Panoramic view of flying area 40 X 40 meters

The models we tried all great including the "Holy Cow"







A few action shots.


Bar and lounge area.

Sunday 9th September.


Weather great, wind light northwesterly all day, warm and mainly sunny.


Many fliers out during the day. David Gurr probably the club’s youngest and easily smallest member brought along an electric control liner. The batteries are carried in the rucksack on his back with power feeding down the lines. Little underpowered but did manage a couple of laps, needs dad to loan him a larger battery pack to allow for voltage drop down the lines then should perform well.


Stephan Peart visiting from the Cirencester Club flew a Hanger 9 Spitfire, flew very well and the retracts coped very well with the strip very scale like in the air. However the camouflage colour scheme was as with most ARTF warbirds not quite the right colours. Steve had rubbed the covering down to remove the glossy finish to give a semi matt finish. This is a good representation of many of the full size warbirds flying today, as many owners choose a “silk” type finish, as it is far easier to keep clean.


Paul Butcher brought along an all foam electric ducted fan Mirage, which he obtained at Much Marcle last weekend. He asked me to fly it for him despite my recent record with ducted fans. On the first attempt one of the fixed main undercarriage legs ripped clean out, not my fault as an inspection clearly showed a nearly total lack of glue.


With the u/c block well glued back and Clive giving the centre of the strip a short back and sides it got airborne on the second attempt. More than amply power it looked very good in the air apart from the undercarriage, which is fixed down.


Now call me Mr Picky if you like but heavy fast jets do not fly around with their “Dunlop’s” dangle in the breeze, in fact at 500 mph plus they wouldn’t dangle they would probably break off, if you want a model jet to look fast you have to get the wheels out of the way or not fit them at all!


At the other end of the model spectrum I had a go with “Cookies” Silverlit “Single Wing Mini Plane” two function with proportional motor control and left/centre/right non-proportional rudder control. Great fun and a lot easier to fly than Silverlits twin engine types which rely on asymmetric power for steering, as you can steer the Mini Plane while gliding. Also the mini plane has a largish gear motor prop which acts as a brake when the power is off giving quite a slow but steep glide, making the mini plane very controllable unlike the twin models which become free flight once you stop the motors.


At around 20.00 for everything (less 6 “AA” pen cells) I can see these being the model of choice for indoor flying. Purchase from Tescos at 5.30pm with the weekly shopping and be flying at Chosen Hill by 6.00pm. See Notice/events for more details.


Forecast for the rest of week looks great. Monday a bit breezy but then very light winds through week, I’ve got the week off and I will be flying, see you down the field.


Young David Gurr with his model

.David and dad ready for his first lesson.




Ready to circulate.

Steve Peart prepares to sample the site with a trainer
Please feel free to place your own caption here?

Silverlit "Single Wing Mini Plane" captured by Clive.


The Chairman from his best side!

Stans, Twinstar II. Great electric trainer.


How to avoid hurting your back with a large model.

Steve Pearts Spitfire at rest and looking great in flight.

Paul Butchers electric ducted fan Mirage

Pauls artistic shot of the day

Friday 7th September. Superb afternoon/evening, light northerly wind went calm later. Ken Brill and John “Cookie” Cook had Little Silverlit models out flying.


Well Kens is actual a diminutive all EPP free flight chucky from Robotbirds costing all of 4.95 he has installed a twin motor set up from Silverlit biplane to control it. Still needs a bit of work but looks promising.


Cookie had one of the newer Silverlit models single engine with rudder control. The model goes under the very imaginative name of “Single Wing Mini Plane” just a pity their innovation does reach to names! Total package less AA batteries for TX?  17.50 or less if you shop around.


As for the future, check out the Kyosho Minium. 2.4 Ghz, 3 channel proportional less than 22 grams all up. 

See the Robotbirds website for prices, 77.95 complete with TX.  A complete fuselage is available as spares for 32.95 this contains all the workings! The possibilities this opens up are incredible. 

Does it work?


Well mine is on order and I have not seen a product from Kyosho that doesn’t work, my Kyosho Concepts go back to the early 90’s and still are going strong.


The future of our hobby is looking great, it may be looking small it will be silent (nearly) and you will see most of my large IC models on e.bay before they become worthless!!!!!!


Flew my new Hydroplane (Miss Hyperion Hydro) needs painting as I didn’t use supplied stickers, but flies very well for a boat. Also got some flying shots of my twin engine “Jerry” sadly not as fast as Kens single engine version, to little pitch on the props the twin uses 3” X 3” the single the ubiquitous 5” X 5” white Gunther being more efficient. 


John "Cookie" Cook with his Silverlit "Single wing mini plane"

15.00 less batteries for TX. Shop around, you can get them from "Tescos"!


"Cookie" flying in superb conditions

"Single wing mini plane" in flight


Ken Brill looking happy with his modified "Happi"


A brace of "Jerries" twin and single


Twin "Jerry" in flight


"Miss Hyperion Hydro" more photo's when painted




Gloucester Model Flying Club