May blog

I again went of to work on Sunday 6th May, spending two glorious weeks in Italy “working” with superb sunshine and light winds. Unlike the UK where there was two weeks of very wet and sometimes windy weather. In this time nearly 3 inches of rain fell on the county making up for the previous long dry spell.

My next visit to the field was on Friday the 18th May, the pit area was awash with empty wheelie bins and rubbish left over from the Auto grass weekend. But do to the weather of the previous weeks I doubt anybody had ventured out to report there presence.

On Saturday evening Paul, Clive and myself moved all the bins and cleared up the rubbish and Clive ran the mower over the area.

Sunday 20th was a good flying day with a good turnout in the afternoon, I flew one of my own models for the first time in six weeks. There were enough bodies to make light work of moving the grey box to its new position as planned. It now remains to get the metal container painted. With a notice board and signs installed the planned work will be complete.

Paul Butcher flew his Bristol Bulldog previously I only had static shots, it looks superb in the air, the lack of engine noise makes it a bit strange to see flying maybe he should try an airborne sound system to give the characteristic clatter of the original radial engine. 



Final checks before flight



Bulldog in flight absolutely superb.



A veteran Hirobo Shuttle, although an old design still makes a very good trainer.
On the evening of Monday 20th a member lost a model in the oil seed rape to the north of the field. I managed to get a good line on it but even using mobile phones it was not possible to find it as moving in straight line through the crop was very difficult.

On Tuesday Ken brought the electric Radio Queen out complete with digital camera. After the first sets of pictures were down loaded to my laptop the model was found but a second set taken at a higher altitude was needed to give a point of reference. Using the tramlines in the crop I was then able to walk straight up to it. Although it was lying on top of the crop it could only be seen from a few feet away.

My line of the previous evening had been spot on but was twice the distance into the field then anybody had ventured.

So if you are unlucky enough to land/crash in the field of oilseed rape to the north of the strip then please only go into the crop if you can see the model from the edge.

If you cannot see it you will not find it by going into the crop. Its very dense nearly impossible to walk through and you can only see a few feet around you. Please contact a member of the committee or myself and we will find the model without major damage to the crop.

I was away again for the Spring Bank holiday weekend but believe it rained again. The rain finally stopped on Thursday (31st May) and Ken and myself had a great evenings flying in still air conditions.

May was the wettest month of the year so far with nearly 118 mm (3 inches) of rain. This was more than the total for the three previous months. April by contrast saw only 3mm!!

Gloucester Model Flying Club