March Blog


Weekend 24th/25th,

a cold northerly air stream that had blown all week continued.

Saturday afternoon visited field to check on report that more tyres had been dumped. Fortunately there hadn’t but the existing ones had been moved outside the gate.

Nobody flying on Saturday at the field but great last indoor session see report.

Saturday night the clocks went back an hour introducing light evenings.

Sunday the wind was more northeasterly the morning grey overcast and cold, it brightened up a bit in the afternoon but with a northeasterly wind it was very turbulent.

Paul Niblet flew his Raptor, which didn’t mind the conditions. Ken flew his speed twin electric again this model made easy work of conditions.

I tried my new T-Rex 450 SE outdoors for the first time following a couple of flights indoors the previous evening, although it flew OK in the conditions it wasn’t pleasant with a new model.

Clive was still flying when I left although the sun had come out the wind hadn’t dropped.

Unfortunately I had forgotten camera so no pics I’m afraid.


Weekend 17th –18th March.

Following a week of good weather all of which I missed due work commitments the weekend was very cold and windy with the occasional showers.

Afraid I didn’t venture out due Rugby on Saturday and family visiting on Sunday.

Have no reports of anybody else braving the weather either so doesn’t feel quite so bad.


Reminder last indoor flying session of the winter on Saturday 24th then the clocks go back heralding the on set of light evenings, lets hope this is the final cold spell before spring arrives fully.


Weekend 9th/10th of March.

Saturday morning looked promising a few turned out to fly but a freshen wind saw the site empty by mid afternoon.

The evening indoor session was well supported with a few new models.See report.

Sunday was rather overcast but despite a moderate southerly breeze 15-18 mph there was a good turn out. Despite the wind flying conditions where very smooth.

It was a day for the larger power models with three largish petrol engines models flying during the afternoon.

A new untested model was Brain Dix Wot 6’ish. A 71-inch span enlarged Wot Four powered by an MVVS 26. After a bit of reprogramming the test flight went perfectly.

Brian also flew his venerable Extra Wot but loss of wheel sent it back to the car. This to has a petrol engine in the form of a Moki 135.

Pete Pitt had his Falcon Aviation Eurobat, 84-inch span with a new Ripmax Thor 45 CDI for power. This is budget entry-level petrol motor priced at just over 200. It seems to have bags of power and with full electronic ignition is very easy to start.

All three of these large models where controlled with new Spektrum DX7 radios. For those sceptical of this new technology being for any thing other than small electric models then this was proof that it is for all.

Both Brian and Pete reported that once you get use to the initial set up procedures performance is excellent. Both reported the response to seem that the radio was ahead of your input. A quick count and I think there are now half a dozen of these sets in the club so it seems there popularity is increasing rapidly.

Gavin made his first visit of the year, after a bit of problems with his support equipment he got his Extra 300 airborne.

He had brought his Weston magnum along but only got it out of the car so I could take a picture.

Paul Butcher turned up with a rather nice scale Bristol Bulldog to seek advice on the C of G. All thought C of G ok but all up weight a bit much. This is electric powered and weighs about 4 kgs all up. It has a lot of wing area so should be OK if a bit fast in flight. Paul decided wisely not to fly it in the conditions.

Gloucester “skunk works” paid another visit to test the Double contra rotating unit equipped “Blast” didn’t seem to perform as well as it’s last brief outing, there was some mumbling about it need reprogramming but “someone” had forgotten the lap top! A gearbox failure shortened the first flight; turns out some minion forgot an important shim when reassembling the back propeller resulting in a stripped gear box (same minion that forgot lap top!).

Clive cut and rolled the strip doing the afternoon; it’s amazing how quickly it dries out with a bit of wind as last Tuesday it had been waterlogged. Good forecast for week, sadly I have to go to work hope it holds until next weekend.





















Tuesday 6th March, an ordinary general meeting at The Brunswick. 

A low turnout but very useful meeting, the new set of club rules where adopted with only one amendment see rules page.

Work on the flying site was discussed and agreed upon and a work schedule put in place. Detals to follow.

First weekend of the month 3rd/4th weather very poor.

Work kept me away on Saturday, although one lone figure in the shape of the vice-chairman was spotted on Saturday afternoon. Sunday was just rain and wind. Lets hope the saying “that if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb” proves true.


Gloucester Model Flying Club