January 2007 Blog.

Just couldn’t resist these pics to finish off month. Monday 29th perfect day, brilliant model, not to cold, no rain and no wind max gust about 4 mph. Absolute bliss.
See you in February




Weekend 27th/28th January 2007. 

Weather cold but light winds and no rain. 

Didn’t make it to the field on Saturday those that did reported a good days flying. 

Saturday night great indoor session, see report

Sunday, a good number out flying quite a few new models around. The overcast conditions made flying a real treat with no low sun in our eyes.

Strip a bit rough and grass a bit long for small wheels. To early in season to cut and roll if we want it absolutely in tiptop condition for summer. 

Best maintenance at this time is to keep off and let nature do it’s work. If weather stays dry this week then “maybe” a light cut and roll before next weekend. At this time of year you really do need a tail-dragger with reasonable size wheels.

For a real treat their was a brief appearance from a “Gloucester Skunk Works” prototype. This much modified Freeair Blast has an experimental power train that developes zero torque. Only it’s third flight ever and first time in public, metallurgy problem terminated flight but looked very impressive and sounded great.




Not a bad turnout for late January. Flair Magnatilla. This example has a bit off history to it.



Off on another sortie.

And safely back.


"Cookies" Beaver of for yet another flight.


Paul with his latest model.


Seagull ??





Ken M's Blade much happier with it outdoors.

Three study the sky.



Brian's profile Edge.

In flight.

Three point landing.


Rare outing of "skunk works" experimental project.



First time seen flying in public. Impressive though.

"Holy Cow" were it should be, outdoors on a farm, not resting on a heater in a sports hall.



Paul's trainer, Radio Queen.

OS 30 is more than adequite for 80" model.

dscf1395a.jpg Radio Queen drifting into land.

Afternoon Thursday 25th Jan, cold sunny day with a light northwesterly wind.Test flight of my first ever Spitfire. Flew well if not pefectly needs a little bit of work to get it right.Good photo shoot of Avicraft panic, which flew well in lighter wind.

dscf1204a.jpg dscf1155a.jpg

The unmistakable classic iconic shape.

My first spitfire.

dscf1159a.jpg Bit of a handful to launch.

The Avicraft Panic is 25 years old.To celebrate J Perkins has released a ready built airframe of this classic old design. Just over 100.00 complete!

So if you want a bit of nostalgia get one of these it’s brilliant, good old British construction lots of balsa wood and proper ply not whittled down to there’s nothing left.

This one is electrified, seen here on a brief test flight in the poor conditions on Friday (19th) Jan.

Watch this space for more pics!

dscf1130a.jpg dscf1143a.jpg
Don't "Panic" Captain Mainwaring The "Panic" is back!

Not that good a start to the year, more wind and rain, great indoor session on Saturday 13th (see report).

Few out flying on the Sunday, quite a nice day if a bit breezy. Good day for Multiplex twin jets.

First pics from members. Thanks Pete & Nic please lets have more. Those who have sent some please send again I have removed the over enthusiastic AOL spam filters so they should get through now.

nw1.jpg Nick Wood's Capiche at rest.





A couple from Pete Webster.



Small chap or large model?

What model is it Pete?


Gloucester Model Flying Club