August Blog

The August Bank Holiday saw one of the best flying weekends of the summer and probably the best August Bank Holidays for several years.  Unfortunately family commitments kept me at home Saturday & Sunday but several members were reported out flying on Sunday.  /P> I managed to squeeze in a quick visit on Monday afternoon, several members were present. Paul Gurr had is new Seagull Models “Razzle” converted to electric power. Flew very well very light airframe makes this an excellent electric conversion.  /P> Had a quick test with old GWS “Pico stick” with nearly 4.5 amp/hrs worth of battery attached, after a very long take off run it staggered skyward, but sadly although some thought not quite unexpectedly some said one of the bamboo wing dowels failed and it fell to earth. Although repairable I think a stronger larger airframe is needed to push the record beyond the 2-hour barrier hence the Yard Stick has now been promoted pending modification.  

Paul's "Razzel" at rest

Control movement as expected on this type of model.



"Razzle" cavorting around in style

The week up to the Bank holiday finally gave a chance of a few flyable evenings even if some where at bit breezy. Managed to fly 4 out of 5 nights with only giving Wednesday a miss do to the wind.

 Mike Bond brought along a ducted fan Mig 15 built from a recent free plan in R/C Model World. I test flew it for him the performance was stunning, even if the flight time is short. Running 400 watts (clocking 38 amps static) its performance was not surprising. Sadly flying it a couple of nights later it completed an uncommanded roll into the ground, at the speed it was travelling not much of the structure survived. The mechanical bits were all OK and Mike is intending to rebuild it.


Mark Burns brought a recently completed Park Zone Striker F27 with a superb colour scheme. As with most Parkzone products the kit comes as a ready to fly package with TX and all the other bits. The complete package retails for 126.00, but parts can be obtained as spares to give just the complete airframe a lot cheaper plus a hotter motor/prop package to give stunning performance, asks Clive for details. I test flew Mark’s model and must say it flew superbly, not quite the performance of the Mig 15 but not far off. Mark took some in flight pictures, which I hope to have on the web ASAP.


Having dismantled a couple of my less successful indoor models I had a spare GWS motor set up and reset up and tested my Great Planes Yard Stick this “was” (see weekend) my back up model for duration attempts but it flew really well and the clubs “cinematographer” was able to get some great in flight shots.

Yard Stick breaks ground


And some no so sedate flying

Yard Stick cruises around sedatly.

The weekend of 18/19th was yet again a wash out with overcast grey conditions with rain on and off.  Those that ventured to the Woodsprings electric flight event reported it stayed dry at least on the Sunday but with only a few traders and numbers down due to the poor forecast.  I was intending with others to go to the Walsall fly-in but gave this a miss due the forecast. Stayed at home and did more repair work and building.   


Weekending 12th August.  

The month so far has been mainly dry (1 mm on the 2nd) with relatively light winds.  Sadly I have been away “working”, a few members have been out flying in the evenings with a few saying it’s the most flying they have done all summer.   Made it out on Saturday and had a great afternoon/evening, flying on into the darkness, thanks to all who helped pack away in the gloom.  Test flew Brian’s little E-Flite Cessna Skylane, flew very well and looked very pretty in flight; sadly the motor worked loose causing it to crash. Bit of a design flaw of a stick mounted motor set into Depron. Brain will get it flying again so at least I can get some pictures.  Had a very silly accident with my T.rex 450 when it got airborne while I was resetting the trims, moral of story always use throttle hold function when making adjustments at the TX this applies to IC and to electric heli’s.  

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