April Blog

Sorry that the blog pages have been a bit thin of late but events and weather have somewhat conspired against me during the past two months.

My last entry was for Saturday 7th of April, however when I went to publish I had the usual problem with the pictures. Despite a phone call to the hosting company by the next morning all the picture had disappeared from the site and I was not able to publish any text also. 

At this point I had to leave it and catch a flight to Prague. Although my wife and son both had frequent conversations with the hosting company they were unable to resolve the situation. 

The site was still down when I returned to the UK on the 20th April. By the end of the month I had started to make enquires about moving our site to a new host (a massive job I discovered) when on the 1st May I had an e.mail from the hosting company to say it was all working again and has remained working ever since. 

Tetbury oven and cooker  repairs

I was on holiday the last week of April and first week of May, the weather during, this period was warm and sunny but a bit windy. I didn’t get to fly during these two weeks but did after many years finally get my garden “nearly” finished. 

Saturday 7th April weather perfect again. Warm and sunny in afternoon very light winds calm in the evening.



Sundays fliers relaxing and fettling new models.





Paul Niblets Raptor 50 hovering about.


Motorised parachutes flying from other side of farm.



Ken Mattocks Cessna Bird Dog.






Blade XL hanging about in the calm evening air.

Blade again in the fading light.



Clive's OD indoor model, flies well outside though just a bit on the heavy side for indoor use.

Friday 6th April (Good Friday). 

Weather great at last, made it down the field at about five o’clock, to perfect flying conditions. A few fliers out for the late afternoon/early evening session, all electric models most of which I have yet to photograph, sadly I forgot the camera so they will still have to wait until another day. 

The web site passed the 10,000 hit mark this week, over a 1000 hits since last Sunday night no doubt watching “Depronman” the movie. Will do a bit more publicity this weekend. 

Clive has done a superb job of cutting the strip, it is just about as good as you can get as farmers field. Weather forecast is good for rest of weekend so hope to see many flying.

This entry should have gone in under March but as I didn't finish it until the 3rd April I'll file it under April. 

One thing that comes from keeping a blog is being able to look back over what you have written for the past month. I’ve never been into keeping a diary and never had a good memory plus the onset of years leaves me wondering whether I have even had lunch let alone recalling what it was. 

Reading by musings for March seems that I have just used the same entry for each weekend, cold north or north-easterly wind, with little if any activity on the flying field.  

It’s certainly was a very disappointing month as weekends go. A large area of high-pressures to the north of Scotland has put the south of England under a cold airflow originating in the artic. There was been the odd nice day during the week, Wednesday 28th was nice and warm with only a light northerly wind, but at around five o’clock what seemed like a sea breeze set in with a cold damp breeze coming up the Severn? 

However we have managed to get “Depronman” the movie finished, if you have got this far on the site you can’t have helped but notice it. 

I must thank my eldest son Rob for the hours he put in on this project. We are just still on speaking terms, just, the bruises don’t look quite so bad now and the carpenters have repaired the banisters. 

I am looking at ways of putting the better quality master version straight onto the web site as quality has been lost going through You tube. I can download the master to anybody who would like a copy. 

So as March blows out as it blew in lets look forward to a better April.


Gloucester Model Flying Club